Casa Moderna 2022 closes with a plus sign

 Casa Moderna 2022
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From 1st to 9th October at Udine Fiere, Casa Moderna 2022 passed the milestone of the 69th edition, earning an excellent audience participation and the satisfaction of exhibitors. During the nine days of the fair, the companies were able to meet thousands of visitors, listen to requests, understand guidelines and needs.
127 exhibitors and over 200 brands represented, representing 163 product sectors. Alongside the proposals dedicated to living, there was no shortage of offers regarding eco-sustainable mobility, safety, comfort and energy saving.

Space for safety and green building

Casa Moderna 2022 is an event that has always lived up to the context and expectations that is reconfirmed every year as an important appointment for the housing sector by offering the best interior and exterior furnishing solutions. And not only.
In fact, the 7th edition of Casa Sicura also found space, dedicated to everything related to safety at home, in the family environment, in the habits and daily life of those who live there, and the 22nd edition of Casa Biologica. In this space, companies in the green building and eco-sustainable construction sector as emerging economies have found hospitality.
Fourth edition instead for the Casa Verde exhibition itinerary that wants to give more space to the internal spaces by connecting them with the external ones in a sort of “osmosis” that interrupts the distinction between the inside and the outside.

The students’ point of view

In addition to families, young couples, experts and professionals in the sector, Casa Moderna 2022 also saw two fifth classes from the Marinoni Institute in Udine among its visitors. In particular, the students of the Graphics and Communication course who have verified live the teachings given regarding the design of the exhibition spaces.
How do you design a stand that must represent the identity of a company? Imagining an exhibition path, positioning the products and lighting them correctly, placing them in a scenographic context, designing coherent, captivating and communicative graphics. A survey will follow at school to identify which were the most interesting stands according to these very young consumers, who are also the designers of tomorrow.
After the positive closure of Casa Moderna, Udine Fiere is preparing to host the appointment with Ideanatale, from 25 to 27 November.