TTG Travel Experience 2022 is “without constraints”

TTG Travel Experience 2022
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Foreign destinations double at the next edition of TTG Travel Experience 2022, at the Rimini fair from 12 to October. In fact, over 50 foreign destinations will be in The World section of the tourism marketplace organized by Italian Exhibition Group to reveal what’s new in each country, region or city.

No matter at what latitude, the journey breaks the mold and in the game of supply and demand becomes “Unbound”, without constraints, as the theme of the edition recalls.
The World section of the event, which takes place simultaneously with Sia Hospitality Design and Sun Beach & Outdoor Style, reflects the new approach that many foreign destinations have developed to redefine their tourist identity. The common thread is that of sustainability as a driver for places and the prosperity of the communities of people who live off the economy generated by the tourist destination.

TTG Travel Experience 2022: rethinking the concept of travel

From city breaks to outdoor holidays, from great trips to relaxing trips, the common thread is breaking the constraints of the usual. The main challenge is to rethink the concept of travel not only as a visit to different places, but also in its experiential dimension, as a resident would experience it. From the coast we move inland to discover what is still little known. The curiosity for places is combined with the practice of workation and redefines the everyday life of the tourist.

The offer of meetings has been extended

TTG Travel Experience 2022 is the community catalyst that inspires all professional tourism operators. For this reason, this year too, the exhibition dimension is accompanied by an articulated calendar of events and meetings.
The aim is to reiterate the dual nature of the event: both a privileged observatory for the promotion of world tourism in Italy and for the marketing of the tourist offer of the beautiful country in the world, and a business partner capable of promoting the exchange of knowledge, information and best practices for the growth of all operators in the supply chain.