Lineapelle edition 100: the pandemic is over

Lineapelle edizione 100
[:it]Lineapelle edizione 100[:]

Lineapelle edition 100, which was held at Fieramilano Rho from 20 to 22 September, demonstrated two things according to the companies that took part.
The first is that the pandemic is effectively over for the fashion industry. The international audience of designers and professionals has returned to travel with conviction. In addition to designing without the bugbear of lockdown.
Sure, there are exceptions. Few Chinese, still held back by government restrictions and patchy lockdown across China. Equally few Russians, due to the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine. But there was a restart.
“We are happy. We have been visited continuously – declared Giancarlo Dani (Dani Group) -. We have seen many foreigners, many also from the East and Asia “.

Costs are an endless increase

The second finding of this Lineapelle edition 100 is that, once those of Covid have been overcome, the problems for the fashion industry are not over. The market is under the lash of rising costs, as Giancarlo Dani reminds all exhibitors: “Customers are all worried about the future and by now we know it: anything can happen. We must be attentive to current events. We live a little for the day. The only thing that must not be lacking is hope. We Italians do a lot and we have done a lot. We have sown now we also hope to reap ”.
“Finally we have returned to normal, we have returned to a fair as they did before Covid – is the comment of Luigi De Vita, of Devi Concia -. We have met quality customers “.
Same feeling for Giovanni and Chiara Piran (La Veneta): “Regarding the turnout of Lineapelle edition 100, there is no longer the fulcrum of the second day, but the attendance are spread over the three days of the event. More positivity is seen, even if some foreign markets are still lacking. The signatures have restarted, we have returned to the pre-pandemic as a work tour ”.
The most felt problem concerns the increases in energy and materials prices but and the consequent tensions on the price lists. “It is increasingly difficult to manage prices – underlines Romina Brandellero, representing (Vicenza Pelli -. If we make an increase now then we have to talk about it again in a month. We find it harder to explain it to an American than to a European. It seems strange but it is like this. Even if the adjustments to the price list are minimal, sometimes they are not accepted “.