Padova Hall, the Strategic Investment Plan approved

Padova Hall
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On September 17, the Shareholders’ Meeting of Padova Hall, the company that owns the Fiera di Padova brand, launched the Strategic Plan which provides for investments of 48.5 million euros up to 2027. A project that it plans for the next few years a district increasingly open to the city, an innovation district that becomes a place for meeting and exchanging ideas, focusing on the diversification of the offer.
A development plan that includes an urban redevelopment of the entire district, investments in sustainability and digital, with 17 thousand square meters of photovoltaic panels, new structures, such as the first E-Sports Arena in Italy, a food space, a hotel, 16 new ones thematic trade fair events. There will also be innovative services for the growing audience of participants in congress events.
Brands related to thermalism, mechanics, youth pop culture and other important supply chains connected to Italian excellence will be proposed.

Padova Hall: the Padova Exhibition brand is born

The new plan accompanies Padova Hall towards a long-term sustainable development based on four areas of intervention: thematic trade fairs, congress and corporate events, assets (real estate properties and human resources), complementary services.
The first graphic novelty announces the diversification of the activities. In fact, the new Padova Exhibition brand was created to accompany the Padova Hall logo, which will join the Padova Congress one. Padova Hall will become the main brand of the district under which there will be the brands of the different businesses that will be created.

Padova Hall: investments and revenues

Among the financial objectives, the plan provides for the growth of revenues from diversified businesses, a positive Ebitda by 2024, the achievement of financial stability by 2026. Investments in the 5 years amount to 48.5 million euros, mainly allocated in the complete requalification of the exhibition center, with the creation of at least 17 thousand square meters of photovoltaic systems (4.5 million euros). The Carraresi Room will be restored, located next to the congress center, which will house a business center and the Padua Hall offices (another 4.5 million euros investment).

The financing of the investments envisaged by the action plan will be guaranteed through 4 guidelines: increase in share capital, sale of the company’s non-core real estate assets, financial support from a pool of banks and the search for a private partner, who can make his entrance important but minority in the corporate structure.
The Padua Hall revenue chapter focuses on accelerating research and development, starting with thematic trade fairs and in synergy with Padova Congress, the new congress center. In five years a turnover of 18.6 million euros is expected from the portfolio of trade fairs, another 15.1 million from new thematic exhibition events with the creation of 16 new brands, 9.2 million from spaces dedicated to permanent activities (halls 6, 14 and 15).