58th Filo: the edition closes with a plus sign

58th Filo
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58th Filo, the international exhibition of yarns and fibers which took place in September (from 14 to 15 September) at the Allianz MiCo – Milan Convention Center, closed with excellent results.
Two days of intense work took place between the stands, due to the constant flow of visitors and buyers. Of particular importance, the return to the fair of foreign buyers, who in this edition exceeded the numbers of the 2019 appointments.

The guiding themes of the 2022 edition

At the heart of the 58th Filo are two guiding themes, namely sustainability and creativity. Two increasingly important and increasingly interconnected concepts, as was underlined during the opening ceremony, dedicated to “Sustainability and creativity: from new textiles to new fashion”.
Guests of the opening ceremony were stylists Massimo Crivelli and Martino Midali, who talked about their vision of fashion, the importance of the constant relationship with those who produce fabrics and materials in a creative dialogue within the supply chain. A dialogue that is more vital than ever for new ideas, introduces innovation and looks to sustainability as the result of continuous research.

A positive final balance

“The 58th Filo https://filo.it/ closes with an excellent balance. And this thanks to the exhibitors, who brought collections of the highest quality, and to the buyers.
Paolo Monfermoso, manager of the event, commented on the results of the two days in Milan: “This event is increasingly a platform for work, for the exchange of ideas and projects, for collaborations that are born and grow in our stands and in our spaces”. Both the “Creative Dialogues” area – which this time included “A thread for the shirt” – and the Sustainability area with FiloFlow contributed to this. Both have been conceived as a guide and inspiration for the work of companies.

58th Filo: an increasingly international exhibition

Confirming the international vocation of the fair, the collaboration between the fair, the Piedmont Region and the regional agency for internationalization Ceipiemonte.
A partnership that made it possible to organize, again as part of the project, the incoming of a delegation of 14 buyers arriving from the United Kingdom and Spain. Thirty-six foreign buyers arrived at the fair thanks to the collaboration with the ICE Agency. Thirteen countries of origin: France, Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Jordan, Palestine, South Africa, Vietnam, India. Naturally. To these must be added the large number of Italian and foreign buyers who arrived at 58th Filo independently.
The next appointment with the fair will be from 22 to 23 February 2023, again at Allianz MiCo-Milan.