Macfrut 2023, leadership goal

Macfrut 2023
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This month the novelties of Macfrut 2023, at Rimini Expo Center from 3 to 5 May, were presented at Ryad. Over 300 journalists and operators from all over the world, and a hundred people in the room in Riyadh with a large presence of operators from Arabia.
Lots of news at the next edition of the fair dedicated to fruit and vegetables: investments in incoming buyers and promotions for 1.5 million euros, new pavilions, more content. And then the debut of International Blueberry Days, of the Nursery and varietal innovation show, and of Pianeta Rosso.

To make all this concrete is the project co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation through Ice-Agenzia, which focuses on the promotion of Macfrut 2023, incoming buyers and international presentations.
A “triplication of investments” that will lead to a change in three directions. Starting with a larger fair, which will include two new pavilions. In addition, a focus on international growth with the aim of reaching 30% of foreign operators and thirty international presentations. Finally, an event richer in content with individual focuses coordinated by industry experts who guarantee high qualification with an eye to the trends of the future.

Partner region Calabria, known for its excellent products such as bergamot, cedar, Clementine IGP, Tropea IGP onion, just to name a few.

The blueberry symbol of the next Macfrut 2023

The symbol of the 40th edition is the blueberry, also protagonist of the International Blueberry Days world event. Three days with the top international technical-scientific experts and the main global players. The event is coordinated by Bruno Mezzetti (Polytechnic University of Marche) together with Thomas Drahorad of NCX Drahorad.
The second novelty is the International Nursery and Variety Innovation Exhibition. Specialized meeting point for nurserymen, breeders, producers, technicians and researchers in a sector that has become strategic for the development of modern fruit growing. Conferences, technical seminars and workshops will be organized with insights and updates on various topics. Coordinated by Stefano Lugli of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
The new Pianeta Rosso format is dedicated to the tomato supply chain, an opportunity for actors to meet, from seed companies to those responsible for modern distribution.
After last year’s success, Spice & Herbs Global Expo, the exhibition dedicated to the world of spices, medicinal and aromatic herbs, also returns to Macfrut 2023.