Art of Making Fashion: fashion fairs meet

L’Arte di Fare Moda
[:it]L’Arte di Fare Moda[:]

To emphasize the link between art and fashion, between talent and creativity, seven trade fairs from the world of fashion presented themselves in The Art of Making Fashion through some of the most significant works exhibited in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan.
DaTe, Micam Milano, Mipel, The One Milano, Lineapelle, (part of the Confindustria Moda galaxy), HoMi Fashion & Jewels Exhibition and Simac Tanning Tech are the 7 fairs that will be concentrated in a few days in September. Events that have chosen a symbolic place in the history of art, in a city that is attractive to artists in numerous historical periods and the capital of fashion in recent decades to date.
The story at the center of The Art of Making Fashion allows you to discover the value of fashion over the centuries. In a game of cross-references between the trade fairs and some of the works on display, the union between the fashion fairs that wanted this cultural event is celebrated.

A link through the centuries

And so the genius of Leonardo with one of his projects dedicated to a textile machinery is combined with the technologies presented at Simac Tanning Tech. Kept in the Pinacoteca, Napoleon’s leather gloves and his boots, a unique model of which it is possible to discover the drawings, are brought back to both Micam and Lineapelle /.

The Art of Making Fashion with the Portrait of Paolo Morigia holds a pair of glasses in hand, almost offering them to the viewer, which broaden the painting by reflecting the scene. And it could only be DaTE, which of the glasses is an alternative and intriguing showcase, the direct reference to the painting.

The biblical episode of Judith and Holofernes painted by G. Vermiglio, enriched by the jewels that the protagonist wears, is a reference to the value of the fashion jewel that HoMi Fashion & Jewels Exhibition presents edition after edition.

The Art of Making Fashion to characterize men’s fashion, the portrait of Michel de L’Hospital by Giovan Battista Moroni, which stands out for the large cape doubled in ermine fur that wraps the painted subject. The One Milano, with its attention to detail, is the event that wanted to be inspired by this painting.

Finally, the altarpiece “Sacra Conversazione” by Bergognone also features a small fabric bag. A precious accessory that contains the most intimate and private things of the women depicted. Expression of creativity and refined craftsmanship, a legacy that still guides and inspires the companies that will be present at Mipel