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Filo 58
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On Wednesday 14 September at 10.30 the opening ceremony of Filo 58 will take place, an event dedicated to “Sustainability and creativity: from new textiles to new fashion”. The appointment will open on the 14th and will end on September 15th at Allianz MiCo in Milan.
A subtitle that encompasses various themes, on which the event has been committed for some time. With sustainability in the first place, but also a new vision of the textile-fashion system.
A vision in which the centrality of manufacturing and of a supply chain capable of building a true and productive dialogue between all its links stands out. This enhances the intrinsic value of a centuries-old textile tradition, to be combined, however, with the most innovative research and attention to sustainability.

Sustainability as a fil rouge

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of the event, underlines how: “Filo 58’s commitment to sustainability has been consolidated and recognized for some time. It is a commitment that is not limited to promoting the dutiful compliance with environmental and labor protection standards, but extends to creativity, to the new style that comes from innovative textile solutions, proposed by companies that are always at the forefront of quality and research, such as those exhibiting at the 58th edition. If today’s textile-fashion is expressed in different “languages”, the goal remains the same as always: the “well done”, the result of creativity and passion for one’s work. The exhibitors and guests of the inauguration ceremony are witnesses of this at the highest level ”.

Focus on technical developments

After the speeches by Paolo Monfermoso, head of Filo 5, Pier Francesco Corcione (president of ITS-TAM Biella) and Elena Chiorino (councilor for Education, Work, Vocational Training, Right to university study of the Piedmont Region), the ceremony will continue with the table round, moderated by the journalist Elisabetta Invernici.
The debate will involve stylists of different generations, who will propose their vision of fashion to the public, also in the light of the technical developments obtained from research on materials and the necessary ever closer collaboration with textile manufacturers.