FUSA Expo 2022 in Brescia with a rich calendar of events

FUSA Expo 2022
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The second FUSA Expo 2022, dedicated to design and services for office furniture and work environments, returns from 13 to 15 October at Brixia Forum. Organized by Area Fiera, it is the first B2B event that allows you to bring together in a single space all that is necessary for an activity. From supplies for offices and workplaces to innovations in technology and information technology, from basic services for the company to cutting-edge marketing solutions.
The format chosen by the event is not the vertical one, that is to bring together the individual product or production sectors to describe the entire supply chain of a specific sector. In fact, the Brescia fair has decided to give voice to everything that every single company uses regardless of the specific sector to which it belongs.
Mauro Grandi, Area Fiera Director declared: “This year will be an important edition. FUSA Expo 2022 is an unmissable event because it allows you to have a look at all the news, and there are many, concerning the services and supplies of doing business. In particular, the market is very fast and particularly brilliant for solutions concerning sustainability and digital innovation, fundamental areas in modern businesses and in which improving performance is the order of the day “.

The hottest topics

Lots of topics addressed within the FUSA Expo 2022 events calendar www.fusaexpo.it. Initiatives designed to investigate management, innovation, business of companies. From internationalization as a lever for economic development to the creation of new business models to increase plant productivity and improve product quality; from the management of business processes to the art of the “call to action”.
There are also several training workshops dedicated to increasing one’s entrepreneurial vision, with a new responsibility for corporate bodies, a new professional opportunity. We will also talk about moral and property rights, patents.

The novelties of FUSA Expo 2022

Of note is the presentation of Mind Mapping, a tool created and developed by the English psychologist Tony Buzan. Mind Mapping is used by millions of people around the world from students to professionals to improve memory, be more creative and have fun while working or studying.
During the three days, the Patent Box, a new tax regime introduced at the beginning of 2020, will also be presented. The topics concerning the beneficiaries, the eligible assets and the research and development activities included in the new Patent Box will be addressed. Practical aspects concerning the methods of calculation and use of the subsidy and the accumulation with the R&D amount credit will be studied in depth.
Another novelty is the Career District, a spin-off of FUSA Expo 2022 dedicated to Human Research and Recruiting, which will connect job supply and demand and will be an opportunity to personally meet new talents to be included in the company’s staff.