Sana 2022 increasingly international

Sana 2022
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The appointment with Sana 2022 is increasingly international, in Bologna from 8 to 11 September, which is registering a continuous growth of interest in Europe and in the world by those who deal with issues related to organic and healthy living.
In view of the 34th edition, the adhesions of international buyers who have already planned their presence at the organic and natural show are increasing.

Over 40 countries around the world

Not only Europe at Sana 2022, which currently sees buyers arriving from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, UK, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Visitors will also come from the USA and Canada, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the Middle East. Asia will finally return, with confirmations from Korea and Indonesia.
These are operators representing supermarket chains, distributors and leaders in the organic market.

“Being organic in EU” is born

This edition of Sana 2022 will feature some activities that are part of the “Being organic in EU” project created by FederBio in collaboration with Naturland DE and co-financed by the European Union, pursuant to EU regulation no. 1144/2014. The project intends to inform and stimulate the spread and consumption of organic fruit and vegetables. The activities will concern in particular target countries such as Italy and Germany. The aim will be to increase and strengthen consumer consideration for European organic farming and its quality. Attention also to the growth of awareness and recognition of the EU organic farming method / standard, and to make the EU organic logo known.
The fourth edition of Revolution Bio is also part of the activities that are part of the project. Scheduled for 8 and 9 September as part of Sana 2022 The initiative will host four in-depth sessions on strategic issues for organic farming, with the interventions of policy makers, experts and professionals called to discuss the trend of the sector and to identify shared solutions for the development of the sector.