Fieracavalli 2022: “Insieme. Vicini.”

Fieracavalli 2022
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From 3 to 6 November Veronafiere is preparing to host Fieracavalli 2022, which on the occasion of the 124th edition returns to the original four-day format.
“Together. Neighbors.” is the claim 2022 that confirms the event as a reference point for the international community, where the passion for horses meets business, sport, lifestyle, entertainment, territories and digital innovation.
A perfect synthesis, capable of involving everyone in the most transversal way: companies, operators and experts, athletes, lovers of “slow” tourism and families. This is because Fieracavalli 2022 is the only one able to represent and enhance every aspect of the equestrian supply chain.

News and reconfirmations of the 124th edition

The first novelty of this year is the increasingly strengthened partnership with Scuderia 1918, the international racing team that becomes the main sponsor of the event. The brand, which has numerous initiatives planned for the next edition, has always been a promoter of innovations: it launched the first metaverse dedicated to the equestrian world in Verona in 2021 as well as the first team competition, the Top Team, which already has saw riders of the caliber of Lorenzo De Luca, Jessica Springsteen and Kevin Staut confront each other.
The link between Fieracavalli 2022 and the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports is also strengthened, which will see the sports schedule expand between 2022 and 2023. The venue for the finals of the two national show jumping circuits remains firm: the 124×124 and the Italian Champions Tour meet in Hall 8. The twenty-first edition of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup will also be held here. , which returns to the original capacity.
Ample space also at Fieracavalli 2022 to the races. Halls 2, 9,10 will be dedicated to the Arabian, Friesian, Criollo, Iberian and Italian breeds. Just as two entire pavilions (11 and 12) are dedicated to the American horse and to the Westernshow, which this year hosts the queen of the stars and stripes disciplines, with the “Startup to Reining” trophy promoted by Fise, together with the barrel and the aptitude tests of the American Quarter Horse by the AIQH.
However, when the sun goes down, the Westernshow changes its face and turns into a large saloon, transforming itself into an opportunity for fun and entertainment for all lovers of the Old West.