Promoberg Fiera di Bergamo: Luciano Patelli president

Promoberg Fiera di Bergamo
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On July 14, the board of Promoberg Fiera di Bergamo unanimously appointed Luciano Patelli as chairman. The Board of Directors has in fact replaced Matteo Zanetti, indicated as a director by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 8 July.
Dario Tognazzi, CEO of Centax and president of the Innovative and Technological Services (SIT) group of Confindustria Bergamo, takes over from Zanetti in the role of director representing Confindustria Bergamo.

Luciano Patelli declared: “I thank the outgoing president Fabio Sannino for the good management of the Fair in which he was the protagonist in a very difficult moment, not only because of the pandemic but also for the overall economic and geopolitical situation in which we find ourselves, and for leaving a company in good health and with growth prospects I would also like to thank the outgoing vice president Matteo Zanetti, to whom I have a deep respect, who worked with me in the previous council pursuing the good and the interest of Promoberg Fiera di Bergamo. I am ready to continue the work started in recent years, putting myself even more at the service of the Company and the development of our territory “.

The new board and future challenges

In addition to Luciano Patelli and Dario Tognazzi, the new Board of Directors of Promoberg Fiera di Bergamo, which will remain in office until 2025, is now composed of the directors Lorenzo Pinetti, Lorenzo Cereda, Giuseppe Cristinelli, Renato Giavazzi, Carlo Loffreda and Leone Algisi.
First of all, the new board has started the discussion on Promoberg’s future strategies, a comparison oriented by the strategic lines outlined by the 2022-2026 Development Plan, approved by the previous board of directors.
The discussion also concerned the profile of the future CEO. A new managerial figure foreseen and hoped for by the 2022-2026 Development Plan of Promoberg Fiera di Bergamo, which will be chosen by an internal committee of the board. The next a.d. it will be representative of the worlds of commerce, industry, agriculture and crafts and will be indicated on the basis of a preselection entrusted to a company specializing in the selection of managerial figures.
At the next meeting, the board will appoint two vice-presidents, as required by the Promoberg Statute.