Genoa Boat Show 2022 is preparing for the edition

Genoa Boat Show 2022
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Genoa 2022 Boat Show: on July 12 at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa the forum “Think Tank Liguria 2030” created by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with the Liguria Region. The meeting organized by Confindustria Nautica represented an opportunity for a discussion on the initiatives developed by companies and institutions for the relaunch of the Liguria region. A relaunch in the light of the opportunities offered by the NRP for the territory, with a focus on infrastructural development, sea economy, energy and innovation.
The sixth edition of the strategic report was also presented here

“Think Tank Liguria 2030”, developed by European House – Ambrosetti.
The document outlines projects and strategies for a development model of the Ligurian territory that enhances, among other things, the sea resource “which has always been a source of economic growth and well-being”. In the report, particular focus is reserved to the economy of the sea, consisting of boating, tourism and ports, which characterizes Liguria.
In this context, the document will be enriched by an in-depth analysis on the Genoa 2022 Boat Show, an international event that will take place from 22 to 27 September.

The importance of the fair on the territory

The event represents a strategic sector for the country’s economy, an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world. Synonymous with excellence and prestige thanks to a positioning that guarantees a unique stage ensuring the involvement, both in presence and online, of an international audience interested in high-end products and services.
As for the impact of the Genoa 2022 Boat Show on the territory, with reference only to visitors, the event generates an economic value in the city of approximately 12.5 million euros. This figure is estimated to reach 60 million euros considering the total value throughout the Ligurian territory.
With regard to shipbuilding production, Liguria is the 2nd region in Italy for production value (216.1 million euros) after Tuscany. In 1st place in relative terms, with a value of shipbuilding production that is worth 0.48% of the regional total, more than any other Italian region.
As far as employees are concerned, it is the fourth Italian region and the first in terms of percentage of regional employees. With regard to nautical tourism, it ranks first in terms of the number of pleasure craft registered (almost 19,000 out of 95,000), first in terms of the number of nautical licenses (around 6,900 out of 42,000).

Genoa Boat Show 2022: the future of the event

From 2023 the Genoa Boat Show will be able to take advantage of a completely renovated and functional exhibition space.
In fact, the redevelopment project of the Levante Waterfront in Genoa, signed by the architect Renzo Piano, will give the area a new, functional and scenographic layout, entirely dedicated to the Boat Show during the period of the event, and will offer further impetus and strength to the event. , confirming its centrality in Europe and the Mediterranean.