Facilitations for Fairs: a bonus to participate

Facilitations for Fairs
[:it]Agevolazioni per Fiere[:en]Facilitations for Fairs[:]

Article 25-bis of the law decree of 17 May 2022, no. 50 https://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2022/05/17/22G00059/sg has introduced the Facilitations for Fairs, a voucher of 10 thousand euros in favor of companies participating in organized international trade fairs in our country.
34 million are allocated to this facility for those companies that will participate in the “click-day” to win the incentive.
To join, of course, there are some stakes. First of all, the events that can become the subject of the fund must fall within the calendar approved by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces. In addition, they must take place within a period of time between the date of entry into force of the law converting the decree law until 31 December of this year.
And again for the Facilitations for Fairs: valid until 30 November 2022, the voucher can be requested only once by each beneficiary for the reimbursement of expenses and investments related to participation in the events.
The request must be submitted electronically, through the platform that will be made available by the Mise, the implementing body.
Finally, the bonus is granted according to the “de minimis” regime. In other words: those companies that have already saturated the ceiling of 200 thousand euros on a three-year basis will not be admitted, also considering the concept of “single company”.

Facilitations for Fairs: what you need to present

By 31 December 2022, the fund will be disbursed by crediting the current account, communicated during the issue phase.
The maximum reimbursement is equal to 50% of the investments made by the beneficiaries. The voucher, however, must be contained within the maximum limit of the value of the assigned fund.
In case of failure, irregular or untimely presentation of the request and the necessary documentation, no sum will be paid.
In fact, to be valid, the request for Facilitations for Fairs must contain some information. Such as a valid and functioning certified e-mail address, the coordinates of a bank account, the substitutive declarations of certification or notary deed.
These must certify: operational headquarters in the national territory, registration in the Business Register, authorization to participate in international trade fairs in the sector, expenses and investments incurred or to be incurred for participation in the events admitted to the contribution. Furthermore, not having received other public contributions for the same purposes and being aware of the purposes of the voucher.