JOY Rimini 2022, pure fun

JOY Rimini 2022
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Many are the ingredients of JOY Rimini 2022, which from 14 to 17 July will transform the capital of the Romagna Riviera into a paradise of nerd and geek culture.
Cult boxed games, latest generation video games and esports, superheroes of all kinds and blaster challenges to compete for a coveted national title: this and much more in the event signed by Fandango Club Creators and IEG – Italian Exhibition Group.
A unique event of its kind, as defined by Cartoon Club, the historic organizers of Riminicomix for over two decades, which returns from 21 to 24 July. The event is a celebration of comics in all its forms, where there is no shortage of exclusive exhibitions, market exhibitions and self-area dedicated to self-productions, as well as one of the most important Cosplay Convention in Italy.

Events for everyone

The appointment with JOY Rimini 2022 is in Piazza Federico Fellini. Starting with the Nerf area, where everyone can engage in blaster challenges. Made specifically to be totally inclusive and accessible, the final of the Nerf Challenge 2022 will be staged in the area on Saturday 16 July. their skills with Nerf blasters, creator Martex special guest of the event.
The fun continues with boxed games, even better if in the special XXL format. Two of the most popular board games such as Scarabeo and RisiKo !, in fact, will be in a giant version and will allow everyone to play throughout the weekend.
In the Gaming Zone branded GameStop, instead, there will be driving simulators and dozens of latest generation stations where you can play the best XBox, Nintendo Switch video games and many others. The challenges of JOY Rimini 2022 will be told live on the Twitch GameStop Tv channel by streamers Kobe, BE_Frankie and JafarLive. The competitions will be mixed with interviews with special guests, podcasts and lots of gameplay.
In the Gaming Zone powered by GameStop there will also be SBS, which will give you the possibility to customize the back of your smartphone with any scratch-resistant film with any image or photo.

JOY Rimini 2022: the first Cosplay Contest

Among the highlights of the event the 1st Cosplay Contest themed “League of Legends”, a video game with 180 million players per month. Organized by PG Esports, it celebrates the launch of Star Guardian, the exclusive in-game event of the video game by Riot Games. The best themed cosplay will be awarded on the stage of Riminicomix on July 16th. There will also be the dedicated Marvel Avengers Campus space created on the occasion of the new thematic area of ​​Disneyland Paris which will open its doors on 20 July.