Auto Moto d’Epoca 2022, for collectors and more

Auto Moto d'Epoca 2022
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Auto Moto d’Epoca 2022, from 20 to 23 October at the Padua fair, still makes motorsport in all its forms the protagonist of this edition.
The passion for sports cars and regularity events is growing strongly both among historical collectors and among the new generations of enthusiasts. A passion that finds in Padua the salon where to share it.
Auto Moto d’Epoca 2022 represents the largest vintage car and spare parts market in Europe, an important international event for fans of engines and the culture linked to the automotive industry. Here collectors and enthusiasts can choose from over 5,000 cars from the main car manufacturers offered for sale, find original spare parts prices, as well as automobilia of all prices and brands. In addition, inside the show you can immerse yourself in the past and touch the present and the future of the automotive world with your own hands.
A space in which to admire mythical cars and special models, tell the story of the most exciting sporting events and discover the great designers through thematic exhibitions: every year, in Padua, the organizers create themes (or exhibitions) in which passion and emotion mix, creating a unique atmosphere that involves all the visitors present.

Auto Moto d’Epoca 2022: wandering around the stands

Among the focuses of the 39th edition is the history of classic car radios and the electrical spare parts sector.
From the Alfa Romeo 6C and the Lancia Aurelia: the event will cover the entire spectrum of electric car radios, a niche topic well known by enthusiasts in the aftermarket.
Car radios are a special world. For a long time only luxury cars were designed to accommodate the system and had a space in the dashboard in which to insert it. Only from the end of the 60s even mid-level cars – but not all – were produced with a removable panel, where to install the radio.
So there are not so many vintage car radios and, among collectors, the demand is high. At Auto Moto d’Epoca 2022 you can find 80% of the models in circulation. And that’s only a small fraction of the electrical aftermarket. A compartment that ranges from headlights to parabolas (the reflective part of vintage headlights), to distributors and spark plugs to switches, cables and direction indicators.
How many parts does a vintage engine have? All of them can be found at the Padua show and the offer of spare mechanical components is among the most complete. The most appreciated Italian and international spare parts dealers reserve the best of their offer at the Padua fair. Even original vintage spare parts – both used and still new – wrapped in the packaging with which they were distributed to workshops and mechanics decades ago.
Or very faithful reproductions, brought back to life by the workers and artisans of the ancient production plants.