MiMo Milano Monza 2022 makes an appointment for 2023

MiMo Milano Monza 2022
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The 2nd edition of MiMo Milano Monza 2022 proved to be a great success. The event, which took place from 16 to 19 June, from 9 to 23 and with free access, reconfirmed itself as a meeting point for brands, the public and the media, bringing the product back to the center of attention.
This success confirms the enthusiasm received by the many visitors of the exhibition of the novelties in Piazza Duomo and in the side streets of the city center.
Another success was recorded by the crowd that flocked to the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza which in two days demonstrated how driving the passion for four wheels is. The significant presence of young people in the paddocks and stands of the Temple of Speed ​​was noteworthy.
The four days of MiMo Milano Monza 2022 recorded the great passion for engines that roar on the track, for technologies at the service of sustainable and citizen-friendly mobility, for in-depth analysis. Without forgetting the enthusiasm for parades with a view of the Duomo, selfies and QR codes.

In fact, to engage visitors, the models on display in Milan were identified by a QR code on the totem which, when scanned, referred to a dedicated page on the website. Here the participants found the technical data sheet, photos and videos and all commercial information, such as special offers dedicated to the event.
An event that closed with a clearly positive balance and that gives an appointment to 2023 for the 3rd edition.
The president of MiMo Milano Monza 2022 www.milanomonza.com, Andrea Levy, underlined how the event is confirmed to be growing: “Four days of pure passion, starting with the one for the exhibition in Milan and ending with enthusiasm at Autodromo Nazionale di Monza: we reviewed the full paddocks, families, young people. We put the car back in the center, in the static version and in the test drives, which went very well “.