Pizza Village Napoli 2022, the tenth edition is underway

Pizza Village Napoli 2022
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The tenth edition of the Pizza Village Napoli 2022 on the Caracciolo seafront began on June 17, scheduled until June 26. The inauguration, scheduled for around 19.30, will be attended by the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, the Secretary of the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, Alessandro Amitrano, the municipal councilor for Tourism and Productive Activities Teresa Armato and the vice president of the municipal council Flavia Sorrentino .
The largest pizzeria in the world, with its 40 pizzerias, the master pizza makers, on an area of ​​over 30 thousand square meters, created by Oramata Grandi Eventi, is preparing for the tenth anniversary to welcome the public and celebrate the recovery, after the stop.

“Three years of forced rest that prevented us from continuing the internationalization process of our project – recalled Claudio Sebillo, CEO of Oramata -. But the value of the Pizza Village Napoli 2022 format, which allowed the promotion of Naples and the entire region around the world, has been recognized at all levels. The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, defined the event as a model of valid promotion of one of the Italian excellences abroad. The restart, however, pays the price of various difficulties such as costs, personnel and organizational management “.
An uphill restart, therefore, due to the difficult time in the world of work with companies that cannot find staff, as well as pizzerias. In particular, there is a lack of pizza chefs and room and service workers.
In addition, the increase in the cost of raw materials used for pizza: flour, tomato, oil and dairy products, becomes an aggravating circumstance for everyone.

The calendar of events, which will take place during Pizza Village Napoli 2022, is rich, concentrated at the Rotonda Diaz. Like the many events and conferences in the Hospitality area. The thematic meetings of food and wine and beyond are located in the Terrazza Pizza Tales area. Without forgetting the World Championship of pizza and Championship of home-made pizza at the Pizza Stadium.
The Pizza Kids area opens the village, with playful and entertainment activities for the little ones, while on the opposite side the stage where, in collaboration with RTL 102.5, musical shows and cultural events will take place.