Relazionésimo 2030 from 15 to 17 July in Vicenza

Relazionésimo 2030
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Scheduled at the Vicenza Fair from 15 to 17 July, Relazionésimo 2030 – Expo Summit is a national exhibition dedicated to relations.
Curated by the artistic director Duccio Forzano and organized by Beate Vivo Farm, the first edition of the expo takes place in the spaces of pavilions 7 and 8 of the Veneto exhibition complex.
It is an event outside the box, but – at the same time – a provocation that arises from a question: how much are relationships worth in every area of ​​our life?
An informative moment with a scientific, cultural, artistic and intellectual value, an event to learn about, discover and develop opportunities and advantages linked to an increasingly important range of relationships: those between people, business and the planet.

Giorgio Panariello was also on stage

Relazionésimo 2030 is an experiential journey that unfolds in the 13,000 square meters of the exhibition center, where you can activate the senses and the culture of relationships with the thrill of discovery.
All through performances, sensory paths, conferences, exhibitions where vision is related to touch and intertwines with values ​​to produce stimulating and improving paths. Sixty conferences, over 100 artists, academics, entrepreneurs, industries and startups compared.
The first edition of the event focuses on the theme of the “person – mind, body and spirit” connected to the vital functions of nourishing, loving, living and living in an exhibition divided into 4 areas.
The Show area is the emotional heart of the event that begins with the journey “from Eden to the Desert” to understand how human behavior and the absence of relationships can impoverish the world. The area will also host the exhibition of unpublished works of art curated by Vittorio Sgarbi to celebrate, through different forms of creative expression, the interweaving and plots of relationships.
In the Expo area of ​​Relazionésimo 2030, on the other hand, companies and the public interact directly to transmit knowledge, processes and experiences, obtaining surveys in a constructive comparison.
Outside the pavilion there will be a Green area, where companies will exhibit their idea of ​​the environment, nature and a conscious lifestyle.
Giorgio Panariello will be testimonial of the Era of Relationship bringing his comedy to the stage of the event with a meeting, where the protagonist will be the future of the Planet.