Hospitality Riva del Garda becomes an “international fair”

Hospitality Riva del Garda
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Hospitality Riva del Garda – The Reception Hall has announced that it has obtained the certification of an international event.
The certificate, issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento, was assigned by the Exhibition Statistical Data Certification Institute, recognized by Accredia, after audits and a careful analysis of exhibitor and visitor data according to the national criteria established within the framework of the agreement. State / Regions of 2014.
The certification also represents an opportunity for exhibitors who will be able to request contributions for their participation in the event, thanks to the new status of an international fair in Italy.

The advantages of internationality

This is the comment by Alessandra Albarelli, general manager of Hospitality Riva del Garda and Fierecongressi: “In addition to representing a guarantee of quality and reliability, thanks to the certification we could give an impulse to incoming activities, strengthening the presence of foreign buyers from multiple countries , as well as continuing to develop new and ambitious projects “. According to Albarelli, in fact, certification is not just an important goal, but a strategic starting point that will allow for greater visibility to the event. And this thanks to the inclusion in the calendar of international trade fairs and access to dedicated funds made available by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ICE Agency (ITA-Italian Trade Agency), both at a promotional level and with special programs in favor of foreign operators.
In the meantime, the organizers of Hospitality Riva del Garda sum up Hospitality 2022 which ended with the satisfaction of both exhibitors and visitors. In the last edition, a series of internationalization activities were implemented. In particular, an incoming project of delegations from selected countries such as Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta, Greece, Croatia and Uzbekistan. “Thanks to the certification we will be able to further expand the audience of foreign operators to offer more and more business and networking opportunities to our exhibitors. We have also started a partnership with the Valladolid Fair for a project dedicated to mixology and, always with a view to growth, we are working to create new synergies and collaborations with other foreign trade fairs “, as underlined by exhibiton manager Giovanna Voltolini.
The next edition of Hospitality Riva del Garda is scheduled from 6 to 9 February 2023.