58th edition of Filo dedicated to “Languages”

58th edizione Filo
[:it]58th edizione Filo[:]

In view of the 58th edition of Filo – at MiCo in Milan from 14 to 15 September – the fair continues to favor the publication of creative proposals exclusively online.
This year the proposals for the “Creative Dialogues” are dedicated to “Languages” with the elaboration of Gianni Bologna, responsible for creativity and style of the event.
Regarding the choice of the theme, Bologna emphasizes that “today communication is no longer just a means of transmission, but is the substitute for what we once called“ reality ”and“ identity ”. The four themes we have chosen for the 58th edition of Filo identify as many aesthetic expressions and ways of dressing that revolve around these identities more or less “conditioned” by communication. There are four expressive languages ​​of the “self” that can characterize types of consumption and self-representation: naturalness, connection, awareness of the body and physical well-being, the need for abstraction “.

The FiloFlow project is back

Launched in 2019, the FiloFlow project returns again in this edition with the aim of making the exhibiting companies’ commitment to the sustainability of products, production processes and from an ethical-social point of view clear and recognized.
An initiative that has a long-term horizon. As pointed out by Paolo Monfermoso, head of the Milanese event, it is a “project for tracing the supply chain where the concept of sustainability is immediately linked to traceability and synergies along the production chain”.
The 58th edition of Filo https://filo.it/ therefore identified 9 criteria that refer to the use of chemicals, water consumption, energy consumption and recycling, flanked by others relating to the model of social sustainability towards stakeholders and the ecosystem.

The very positive results achieved by the exhibiting companies at the event bode well. Just a few examples are enough to understand the commitment of the companies that adhere to FiloFlow in the search for production solutions that are increasingly adequate from an environmental and ethical point of view. 87% of them use raw materials originating from pre and post-consumer recycling, while 97% use certified raw materials. 85% have developed a traceability program for their supply chain. 70% internally recycle their processing waste. 81% of the companies participating in the project have a certification relating to chemical management.