Direttissima Night 2022 and innovative agriculture

Direttissima Night 2022
[:it]Direttissima Night 2022[:]

On Friday 10 June in the spaces of FieraMesse H1 Eventspace in Bolzano, Direttissima Night 2022 is coming, an evening of networking and entertainment, with a program that will start at 6:30 pm. Admission is free, upon registration on the homepage.
In fact, after two cycles of free webinars and the podcast that told the stories and opportunities for those who dedicate themselves to agriculture in an innovative way, the evening that will open with an aperitif dedicated to direct sellers is back in attendance.
So the Social Media expert, Roberta Creazzo, will give concrete and useful advice on how to use Instagram to promote and advertise your company.

Direttissima Night 2022: the advantages of another type of agriculture

To enter the theme of “Community Supported Agriculture”, Meike Hollnaicher and Thomas Schaefer. Representing Farmfluencers of Southtyrol, they will present one of their short films. A video that will tell the story of two young people and how it is possible to make direct sales even without owning a farm. Following Susanne Elsen and Alessandra Piccoli, both professors of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, will explore the theme of solidarity agriculture. They will explain the social, ecological and economic potential of an approach that directly involves consumers and leads them to share the risks and benefits of farming with producers.

Direttissima Night 2022: who is the king of cheeses

In South Tyrol there are around 80 farmer dairies. Dairy farms with cows, goats, sheep, which process the milk on the farm and operate as direct sellers. Also this year the South Tyrolean Dairy Federation and the Salern Agricultural Technical Institute have invited 28 dairies to participate in the competition for the awarding of the best dairy products of South Tyrol.
The official award ceremony will take place during Direttissima Night 2022 www.fieramesse.com/direttissima. In addition to the different types of cheese, for the first time this year, yoghurt and butter were also tasted and judged for their appearance, texture and above all aroma and flavor. The 14 members of the jury had the task of finding the best product in each of the 9 categories and the 2 special prizes (the best goat milk product and the most innovative one).
Finally, the direct sellers of Alto Adige and Trentino will be present to sell their ready-to-eat products.