IVS 2022 – Industrial Valve Summit: the 4th edition kicks off

IVS 2022
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Promoted by Confindustria Bergamo and Promoberg, the appointment with IVS 2022 – Industrial Valve Summit will take place at the Bergamo Fair from 25 to 26 May. At the fourth edition, three hundred exhibitors are expected to arrive from 12 countries representing four continents. Record numbers that tell the industry’s expectation for the main international event dedicated to industrial valve technologies and flow control solutions.

Expansion of the exhibition space

To meet the demand for exhibition spaces, the organizers decided to create another pavilion, which expands the exhibition space by approximately 5,000 square meters. The spaces of the summit thus grow to reach a record extension of 15 thousand square meters in total.
Among the 12 countries from which the hundreds of exhibitors come, in addition to Italy, we should mention, for Europe, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Then the United States of America, Korea South, South Africa, Turkey.
The program of the conference part of IVS 2022 – Industrial Valve Summit https://industrialvalvesummit.com is important.
The event introduces a calendar of workshops, laboratories and panels complementary to the five thematic sessions that traditionally make up the program of conferences, moments of discussion and technical meetings.
For this edition, the topics of the conferences will cover various themes. From developments in safety valve design, materials, manufacturing processes, coatings and anti-corrosion technologies to actuators and control valves; from fugitive emissions and sealing technologies to innovation, emerging technologies and future scenarios.

Focus on hydrogen

The ferment generated by the energy transition is one of the major issues of interest for the sector.
Starting with the challenges of hydrogen. A resource that requires new transport and distribution infrastructures.
The opening appointment will be the round table, the first of its kind, which will examine the role of hydrogen in the new scenarios related to decarbonisation.
IVS 2022 – Industrial Valve Summit represents an opportunity to discuss the applications of the latest innovations, such as additive manufacturing and Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) technologies.
All the content discussed at the fair will be accessible freely and free of charge through the IVS Valve Campus Knowledge Platform, which will share all the scientific contributions of the 2022 edition of the summit in a perennial and smart way.