AquaFarm 2022: trends in the sector at Pordenone Fiere

AquaFarm 2022
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From 25 to 26 May Pordenone Fiere will open its doors to AquaFarm 2022, an international exhibition-conference dedicated to aquaculture and sustainable fishing industry. Event that will take place simultaneously with AlgaeFarm 2022, new event dedicated to technologies and applications in algaeculture and NovelFarm 2022, the most important Italian event entirely dedicated to new techniques of cultivation, soilless and vertical farming.
The most impactful and relevant innovations for Mediterranean aquaculture, both saltwater and freshwater, will be presented at the conference exhibition.
For years, fish and shellfish farming has in fact been defined as strategic by international organizations, starting with the FAO. A production capable of guaranteeing the quantitative and qualitative food security of a growing world population.
To enable this expansion, the innovation pedal is being pressed hard all over the world to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of livestock farming activities by increasing their sustainability.

The development of Aquaculture 4.0

Representing more than 50% of the costs of a farm and a fundamental impact on the quality of the product and on the local and global environment, feed is the production factor where investments in innovation are most relevant.
At AquaFarm 2022 it will be discussed on May 25th in the second afternoon with the Fish feed session. In the search for sustainability, the main thrust comes from the desire to replace in the formulations proteins of fish origin (from non-edible species) with others of animal origin (for example from insects) and vegetables (cultivated microalgae and yeasts). Based on the principles of the circular economy, a second line of innovation aims to obtain feed ingredients from the by-products of fish processing and from vegetables and microorganisms grown on fish farm waste.
As in any other sector, digitization and automation – the so-called Aquaculture 4.0 – find ever wider fields of application also in fish and shellfish farming. This, R&D, precision aquaculture will be discussed on May 26th.
We will also talk about innovation in aquaculture at the grassroots level, both in the improvement of species reared through genetic selection systems and in the health of fish.
With this wealth of content and the authoritativeness of the speakers, AquaFarm 2022 is confirmed as the reference event for the sector throughout the Mediterranean, unique in Europe for the balance between scientific, corporate and market interventions.