Fiere Italiane. Exhibition gives voice to the whole sector


About 4 years ago Fiere Italiane., after an in-depth analysis of trade fair activities in Italy, a group of communication professionals decided to go online with, the first website dedicated to trade fairs, the companies that organize them and exhibitors.
The aim of the new web site is to increase the visibility of trade fair activities, organizers and companies present through the development and management of communication activities.
To do this, the Fiere Italiane. project is divided into several ways, designed to be of support to companies and to any activity that wants to compare with the trade fair market. Or simply that it needs to be talked about, to make itself known, to spread brands and missions.

Communicating the trade fair sector

As mentioned above, is the first portal whose primary objective is to communicate and give visibility to the fairs organized in Italy and to the operators who participate in them, in order to become the reference point of the national sector.
Exhibition press was designed to support companies and create brand awareness through off and online tools.
Presented in January, the Fiere Italiane. Journal Linkfiereitalianejournal is instead the first interactive Italian weekly also distributed in Pdf format, which is responsible for providing a 360 ° narration of the Italian fairs and the companies exhibiting there.
Exhibition is an exclusive platform to support trade fair activities, TV channels for all operators linked to the world of trade fairs. He wants to propose to the organizers of Italian events – Fiere Italiane. play and European – Exhibition play – an exclusive platform to support their business, able to offer visibility to exhibitors and thus create added value for trade fair organizations. All without requiring the use of internal resources and dedicated staff.
A project that provides for the progressive involvement of all major European players who have their core business in the organization of national or international trade fairs or events. Four EU countries in particular are involved: in addition to Italy, also Germany, France and Spain. Access to the platform is via an app compatible with all devices: smartphones, computers, smart TVs, tablets, decoders, entertainment consoles. Its Home Page contains the icons of the “channels” dedicated to the trade fairs that take place in the 4 countries involved.

Fiere Italiane. HBBTV starts with Italian events

The HBBTV channel is the channel that works through apps that are launched by pressing a button on the remote control, while we are watching a normal program on the dtt.
The first click is reserved for the first of the channels that will be born, that is Fiere Italiane. First of all, the schedule provides for the possibility of accessing two daily editions of Tg Fiere, a container with the most relevant news from the national trade fair panorama, also available in live streaming, and a weekly edition of Fiere Magazine, a section created in the studio with guests and services. of in-depth analysis on topical issues.
Alongside generalist programming, the channel will also host 6 “sub-channels” to give voice to and learn about the reality of the 6 main product categories of the trade fair world: Personal fashion, Agri-food, Home and Furniture Construction, Medic-Farma, Automotive Leisure Time , Capital and Process Goods.