Pizza Village Napoli “invades” the city

Pizza Village Napoli
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The press conference for the presentation of the 2022 edition of Pizza Village Napoli will take place in the Italian Parliament on 25 May at 10 am and will take place from 17 to 26 June. During the meeting for the presentation of the tenth anniversary of the event, the national, economic and job development data of the sector will also be disseminated.
A “photograph” that analyzes the problems of the food and work sectors of the entire segment, overwhelmed by two years of pandemic and 4 months of crisis linked to the war in Ukraine. The data will highlight risks and difficulties based on data from the CNA and Coldiretti study center.

Involved pizzerias and pizza masters

Pizza Village Napoli, a tourist promotion event was created with the aim of promoting local incoming thanks to a product that is an ambassador of Italian gastronomy in the world. A very welcome event that reached a record attendance of over one million participants. The event will bring over 40 historic pizzerias and top players pizza chefs to the seafront of the Campania capital. Among these we should mention Vincenzo Capuano, Davide Civitiello, Enzo Coccia, Errico Porzio, Gino Sorbillo, Antonio Sorrentino.
In addition, the final stage of the World Pizza Championship – Trofeo Caputo will be hosted, which focuses not only on the quality of the product, but on the professional and working figure of the pizza maker.
One of the protagonists of Pizza Village Napoli will also be the musical programming of RTL 102.5, which will broadcast live radio and television from the event spaces for about 14 hours a day and animate the stage of the Caputo Pizza Village for the ten evenings of the show.
Container not only for entertainment, but for various cultural activities, the event will also be the scene of the “Napoli d’aMare” award, created by Oramata Grandi Eventi. An award that aims to celebrate the cultural roots of the capital, the region and its major interpreters.
The “blue dolphin” of Ventrella, a symbol-award that intends to represent the sea as a potential lever for the development of the city through the “Blue Economy”, will be awarded to various personalities in the categories of art and culture; fashion; entertainment, music, cinema and theater; economy, innovation, business and industrial development.