Esxence 2022 moves to MiCo, Milan Convention Center

Esxence 2022
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Esxence 2022 – The Art Perfumery Event, a reference for artistic perfumery worldwide, is preparing the 12th edition to be held from 15 to 18 June. For the first time, the appointment will take place in the design spaces of MiCo, Milan Convention Center, the heart of the CityLife District of the Lombard capital.
Worldwide, the incidence of artistic perfumery on the beauty market is still below 2%, but its incidence on alcoholic perfumery is constantly increasing. In the Italian market, which certainly has the longest specific activity in the sector, it has reached important levels. In Italy, in fact, in 2021 the volume of turnover of designer perfumery is estimated at around 270 million euros, corresponding to 2.8% of the Italian beauty business on the domestic market, 14.2% of the turnover of the perfumery channel and to 30.6% of fragrance sales.

Esxence 2022 The Art Perfumery Event: the “perfume” of art on display

There are numerous news from the 2022 event. Starting with the participation of the brands – over 260 -, some of which are new entries from Japan, Australia, Argentina, Hungary, Hong Kong.
The event’s app, available on smartphones since May, is a new tool for channeling all useful information. Among these: the map of the exhibition space, the program, the conference calendar, the list of brands, news and press releases.
Among the novelties, the “Fleeting-Scents in Color” exhibition, created in collaboration with IFF and set up within the exhibition itinerary, should be mentioned. This is an excerpt from the exhibition of the same name in the Mauritshuis Gallery in The Hague. Thanks to pedal perfumers, positioned at the base of the paintings (faithful reproduction of the originals), it will be possible to perceive the smells and scents of the 17th century landscapes depicted in the individual works. The aim of the exhibition is to explore works of art not only visually, but also from a new olfactory perspective.

Esxence 2022 – The Art Perfumery Event: Main brand and spotlight

The parent companies, both historical and emerging, will represent the excellence of the artistic perfumery sector. The brands were selected by the Technical Committee, made up of internationally renowned experts, on the basis of the quality of the proposals and distribution criteria. In the more than 7000 square meters of MiCo, together with the main brands, operators, distributors, buyers and enthusiasts will get to know the spotlights, or the emerging realities of the sector. Most (about 70%) come from abroad. A trend that confirms Esxence 2022 – The Art Perfumery Event as an important opportunity to make yourself known on the international scene.