Aefi year 2022, the results of the first quarter

Aefi anno 2022
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Aefi year 2022 has released data and performances of the events that were held in the first four months of the year in Italy, namely 86 international and 143 national fairs.
The number has grown over the months, as has the exhibition space sold for each individual event, as has the number of exhibitors and visitors.

The chronology of events

There were 23 trade fairs in January, 9 international and 14 national; 29 in February, 14 international and 15 national; 88 in March, 35 international and 53 national; 89 in April, 28 international and 61 national.
Taking 2019 as a reference, if we look at the total number of exhibition spaces as a whole, the number of exhibitors and visitors records even greater decline for foreign operators.
If we compare the 2020 data for the same events, regardless of the period in which they took place, the indicators show a decidedly positive sign, above 25%.
And if we look at the last month, instead of focusing on the quarter, the indicators are almost all near or above the 2019 data, with many concluding statements announcing that the event was the best ever.

Aefi year 2022: resume activities in the presence

As recalled by Loredana Sarti, secretary general of Aefi “At the beginning things were difficult, with the threat of a new lockdown and the severe restrictions linked to the arrival of foreign operators . Some events have been postponed and only those relating to those sectors, such as fashion and agriculture, with a precise seasonality, which would have suffered repercussions no longer acceptable, have been maintained “.
Pitti and Exporiva Schuh in January, the Milan fashion shows in February and the other events held in the period set the standard for expressing confidence in the possibility of working in these conditions.
Numerous strategies have been put in place to safeguard the well-being of the participants in the events, such as the additional PCR test at the fair for participants vaccinated with non-Ema vaccines, the monitoring of the number of admissions per room at Offered Suppliers, an intelligent network of 400 cameras for monitor gatherings and non-compliance with the obligation to wear masks at the Agricultural Fair and continuous sanitization available almost everywhere. Whether the fairs were international or national, it was clear that in these conditions it is possible to operate and that there is a high level of interest on the part of operators and the public to resume the activity in presence.

Aefi year 2022: the consequences of the war

The climate of trust that has just been established has been hit unexpectedly and heavily by the invasion of Ukraine and the consequent war, so close to us and so direct in its effects on our activities and exhibition activities.
Aefi conducted a survey to determine the impact of the lack of exhibitors and visitors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. A total of 115 international events were analyzed, with the latest edition in 2019 or earlier, depending on whether they were biennial or triennial.
What emerged is insignificant in terms of exhibitors, but had a significant impact in terms of visitors, who represent 6.3% of the total and 7.1% of visits, demonstrating that those who come from afar usually visit the event. more than once.

Sigep and Bologna Children’s Book Fairs stood out for the beauty of the products on display and for the precious management and organizational work, despite the lack of the usual foreign presence.

Aefi year 2022: the return of the Covid emergency in the world

Covid reared its head in China in March, with restrictions and lockdowns. The impact of China is significant for us in terms of both exhibitors and visitors, respectively 11.5% of foreign exhibitors and 5% of visitors.
Despite this, the program continued, to everyone’s satisfaction, and our fairs recovered their positions. We continue to see numerous positive results, two in particular that leave the strongest impression.
Vinitaly, which recorded a remarkable 28% attendance of foreign operators from 139 countries. Euroflora, a courageous exhibition that has moved out of the exhibition center and into a park, offering visible evidence of the link between sectors and territories. Despite the difficulties of the period, this year it was included in the list of international Floralies recognized by the AIPH – International Association of Horticultural Producers. This is a very prestigious result considering that only two other events in Europe have obtained this recognition: the French exhibition Floralies in Nantes and the Belgian exhibition Floraliën Gent in Gant.

Sarti concluded: “Our results were driven by several key factors. As a gradual and rewarding return to normal in admissions procedures. The measures