RiminiWellness 2022 in June in Rimini

RiminiWellness 2022
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To find the perfect balance in view of the summer, RiminiWellness 2022, scheduled from 2 to 5 June at the Rimini fair, some trends in physical movement have remained well-known. They range from the most intense workouts to the soft ones of holistic disciplines, up to cryodynamic relaxing massages.
In fact, among the many outdoor and gym activities that will be presented, the event also includes trends for recovering full form
These and other news from the fitness and wellness world will be present at the 16th edition of the event organized by Italian Exhibition Group.

Trends at RiminiWellness 2022

Digital Nordic Walking is a type of training suitable for all ages, which combines Nordic walking with the technology of Gabel e-poles, sensorized poles equipped with a digital system that monitors the activity and kinematic parameters of both limbs superior.
The Cross Cardio functional hit method has developed the Mobility System, which involves the individual at 360 ° and combines the cardiovascular aspect with the concept of mobility. It is a series of exercises to be performed in the free body, with the aim of improving the body’s ability to move in space.
Tools are not always needed to strengthen the muscles, as demonstrated by Bodyweight Flow, a discipline that is based on free body exercises and uses only the individual’s weight against gravity to develop strength and endurance. Objective: to develop a series of “biomotor skills”, starting with strength, agility, elasticity, endurance, power, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.

The benefits of ice at RiminiWellness 2022

Yoga Therapy is a therapeutic branch of yoga that treats the individual through an integral approach, aimed at managing stress and the most common disorders of daily life. From classic back pain and migraine to stomach pain, neck pain, asthma. It is especially useful for calming anxiety and the effects caused by the so-called “long Covid”.
Another trend is represented by the Crio Dynamic massage with ice, an innovative technique against pain, skin blemishes and muscle fatigue. This technique involves performing movements in contact with the skin with a particular cold sphere, the cryo-ball, to activate a vasodilation and an anesthetic effect that allow you to deeply cool the muscles during an acute phase of injury or after an effort.