Roma Travel Show: starting on 6 May

Roma Travel Show
[:it]Roma Travel Show[:]

The RTS-Roma Travel Show, the tourism fair with free admission and open to the public, returns to Palazzo di Congressi in Rome Eur from 6 to 8 May. Now in its second edition, the event offers a wide range of the best foreign and national destinations.
An opportunity to relaunch for operators in the efficient and safe tourism supply chain. The fair is in fact the meeting point between the final user and all the actors of organized tourism, from trade associations to tour operators.

The novelty “Special Italy”

For the launch of the 2022 edition of the Rome Travel Show, a billboard campaign is on air, where the protagonist is a suitcase ready to explore the world, surrounded by iconic international monuments. Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House, the Chinese Wall or the unmistakable New York skyline.
In pole position a radiant sun that accompanies the “Special Italy”, a real novelty of the 2022 show. In fact, this year a reserved area will be dedicated to the (re) discovery of our country, a territory to be explored in all its beauty and all its length, including 282 archaeological sites, 7,914 km of coastline, 1,200 alpine peaks, 536 monuments, 4,158 museums for a total of 4,976 places to visit, experience and enjoy.
Among these there are cities such as Venice, Florence and Pisa, also recalled in the communication campaign through the illustrations of a gondola, the Brunelleschi dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Fiore and the most famous tower in our country.

Make way for the proposals

Not only Italy in Rome Travel Show There is also space for the many “tourists” in which the sector is specialized at an international level.
Among the various proposals in the showcase, wide range of eco-sustainable and food and wine itineraries, spiritual tourism, sports, music, cinema, art and new trends such as those dedicated to wellness and wow travel, tailor-made by Travel Specialist.
To complete the communication, elements such as trees in a forest, a surfer and an Ionic column to recall the many different journeys that can be undertaken through the streets of the world, not just big cities.