Macfrut 2022 edition and Smart Agriculture

Macfrut edizione 2022
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Thanks to the partnership between Cesena Fiere and the Ri.Nova research center, Macfrut 2022 edition evolves in the name of Smart Agriculture. This is a sector which, despite the emergency, continues to grow. To say the estimates of the Smart Agrifood Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan and of the University of Brescia. The 4.0 agriculture market in Italy goes from 540 million euros in turnover in the first half of 2020 to 1.6 billion in 2021.
Macfrut 2022 edition will take place at the Rimini Expo Center from 4 to 6 May and is the reference event for professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector in Italy and abroad.

Growing investments

Growth is driven by spending on natively connected agricultural machinery and equipment, equal to 47% of the market and up by 17%. This is followed by investments in monitoring and control systems applicable to after-sales agricultural vehicles and equipment (35%). Among the most used technological solutions are management software for agricultural businesses, followed by monitoring and control systems for agricultural machinery and the growing adoption of decision support systems.
Food traceability remains one of the most promising issues, which guides the choice of consumers from a perspective of transparency and safety of production. The “digital transformation” is destined to undergo a greater acceleration in the coming years due to the further development of technologies and above all the growing interconnection between them.

Macfrut 2022 edition: more training and comparison

However, the encouraging data of the Observatory must not make us forget the limits encountered in recent years by the diffusion of technologies. It remains necessary, experts say, to develop digital culture and trust in the potential of the technologies available. All elements that must be built with demonstrative initiatives, extensive training, constant dialogue between developers and users.
It is no coincidence that advanced support technologies are one of the four fundamental components of the AKIS system, acronym for Agricolture Konowledge and Innovation System, which is taking shape within the new CAP, together with research and experimentation, consultancy / dissemination and professional training, underlining hence the need to integrate these components together.