Fiera Bolzano 2021 closes the balance positively

Fiera Bolzano 2021
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On the occasion of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the final balance of Fiera Bolzano 2021 was approved with a profit, net of taxes, of 200,037 euros. After one of the most economically difficult years in the history of the company, the first half of 2021 was still marked by the effects of the pandemic.
Eight trade fairs canceled, while five were held successfully. In addition, during the year, over 30 digital events took place at the fair, including the Klimahouse Digital Edition 2021, which, with 20,000 registered accesses, represents the largest digital event ever held for Fiera Bolzano.
The financial base remains solid even after two difficult years. And this thanks above all to the organization of specialized and economically relevant fairs in the autumn, as well as to specific aid programs in support of the fair sector in Italy, in 2021 a net profit of 200,037 euros was achieved.
This is the comment of the president Armin Hilpold: “The 2021 trade fair year was strongly influenced by the pandemic, but despite the great uncertainties we were able to record some successes, especially in the autumn. Bringing people together and promoting personal exchange remains al center of the activities of Fiera Bolzano 2021, despite the new possibilities of digital tools that make it possible to transform existing fairs into 360-degree platforms, offering the respective sectors an evident added value “.

Even after two difficult years, the fair’s financial base remains solid. The positive feedback from both visitors and exhibitors with respect to the five trade fairs held in the autumn is clear proof that trade fairs remain an important marketing tool.
The skills and digital possibilities that Fiera Bolzano 2021 has acquired in this period are increasingly proving to be an advantage and a complementary added value to the classic fair offer. On the one hand, therefore, the range of contents offered has been expanded, on the other – during the events – personal contact has always remained at the center.

New opportunities

At Fiera Bolzano 2021 in October the works, which lasted 7 months, for the complete renovation of the entrance area and the inner courtyard of the exhibition center were completed. Named “FieraMesse H1 Eventspace, the area of ​​2,500 square meters has been completely refurbished and covered, for a total area of ​​1,100 square meters. The works involved the construction of a structure consisting of very thin steel beams and 21 cushions. air made with a lightly molded ETFE membrane.
To increase the attractiveness and usability of the new space, a 112 m2 LED wall and a complete audio and lighting system were installed to meet various needs.