Filo Flow: re-proposed the Filo project

Filo Flow
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Launched in 2019, the Filo Flow project, linked to the Filo fair, has a specific goal: to make the commitment of exhibiting companies clear and recognized for the sustainability of products, production processes and from an ethical-social point of view.
A commitment that, according to the organizers of the event, scheduled for 14 and 15 September next to MiCo Milano, can only be expressed in a supply chain logic, to arrive at truly sustainable and traceable products. The results achieved so far by Filo Flow show that this is an approach much appreciated by companies.

A successful initiative

Filo Flow is a long-term project. As pointed out by Paolo Monfermoso, manager of the Milanese event, it is a “project for tracing the supply chain where the concept of sustainability is immediately linked to traceability and synergies along the production chain”.
The Filo fair has therefore identified nine criteria that refer to the use of chemicals, water consumption, energy consumption and recycling, alongside others relating to the model of social sustainability towards stakeholders and the ecosystem.

The very positive results achieved by the exhibiting companies at the event, which will celebrate its 58th edition in September, bode well.
Just a few examples are enough to understand the commitment of the companies that adhere to Filo Flow in the search for increasingly adequate production solutions from an environmental and ethical point of view. 87% of them use raw materials originating from pre- and post-consumer recycling, while 97% use certified raw materials. 85% have developed a traceability program for their supply chain. 70% internally recycle their processing waste. 81% of the companies participating in the project have a certification relating to chemical management.

The 58th edition

For the next Filo fair the organizers have chosen the fil rouge “Creative dialogues” to indicate the textile themes proposed as inspiration for the collections that will be presented.
The textile themes proposed, in fact, differ from those that are commonly defined as “trends” in the international trade fair panorama. Instead, it is a constant research on the product, in a continuous “dialogue” – precisely – with the companies then called upon to concretely create the materials.

It is also for this reason that for many editions the Milanese appointment Filo fair has launched the Quick Delivery section and has abandoned the concept of seasonality of the proposals. On the other hand, textile materials are suggested that companies can then resume and develop according to sensitivity and internal needs, beyond a time frame that is now overtaken by increasingly international and integrated markets.
In the “Creative Dialogues” at the center of the discourse are therefore the raw materials, the products, the processes, which will be transformed into yarns exhibited in an open and continuous “dialogue” with the companies and the product men, enhancing their creativity, experimentation and research skills.