Fiera del Radioamatore Hi-FI Car 2022 to Pordenone

Fiera del Radioamatore Hi-FI
[:it]Fiera del Radioamatore Hi-FI[:]

Four events, 10 thematic areas, 9 pavilions, a single entrance ticket: this is the 56th edition of the Fiera del Radioamatore Hi-FI Car scheduled in the Pordenone exhibition center from 23 to 24 April.
With over 200 exhibitors and visitors expected from all over North-East Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, the event is confirmed as one of the leading in Italy in the consumer electronics and low cost IT sector.

The event will also be an opportunity to present to potential exhibitors and partners the new event “Motors of the Upper Adriatic”, a review of historic transport vehicles and accessories to be held at the Pordenone Fair in the first half of 2023.
The protagonists will be historic cars and motorbikes, but also space for boats, airplanes and all motor vehicles with a reference territory that includes both the Italian North-East and Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

During the Fiera del Radioamatore Hi-FI Car two events dedicated to photography and collecting

Furthermore, two other events are held simultaneously that enrich the exhibition offer included in the single ticket.
These are the Fotomercato exhibition-exchange, specializing in antiques, modern antiques and digital photographic, and Nordest Colleziona-Uniformexpo, an exhibition market for military collectibles, philately and numismatics, which are held in pavilions 8 and 9.
A paradise for collectors and military objects, Nordest Colleziona-Uniformexpo gathers about 100 exhibitors who present at the fair the best pieces of their collections of military objects, modeling, war games, philately, numismatics, postcards, stickers, books, prints, posters and various collecting.
Also this year there will be a large number of Weapons Associations present with mannequins, equipment, uniforms and historical material.
The panorama of exhibitors is completed by various associations of enthusiasts and private dealers in numismatics and philately, modeling and wargame, objects and historical military vehicles, publishing and the historical museums of the area. There are also many thematic exhibitions scheduled. Such as those dedicated to the Italian aviation 1915-18, to the Alpine troops 1915-18, to the 80th anniversary of the battle of El Alamein, to military vehicles used in recent conflicts.

Among the display counters of the Fotomercato exhibition-exchange it will be possible to buy and exchange vintage and modern materials and equipment, second-hand opportunities for both analogue and digital photography.
Filters, lenses and accessories of all types and of all brands (Leica, Nikon, Canon and Hasselblad, just to name the most famous), accessories and equipment for the darkroom or for the studio, art books and much more. even more.
As part of this event, the photographic exhibition “Abecedario”, which takes up the calendars of 1989-1990 and consists of 24 tables, one for each letter of the alphabet, illustrated by Guido Cecere.