12th Salone Venditalia: space for innovation

12th Salone Venditalia
[:it]12th Salone Venditalia[:]

Innovation, sustainability, creativity: these will be the drivers of the 12th Salone Venditalia, which will take place from 11 to 14 May 2022 at Fieramilanocity. The main international event dedicated to the world of automatic food and beverage distribution, is organized by Venditalia Servizi and promoted by Confida – Italian Automatic Distribution Association.
An important event for our country. Suffice it to say that Italy is one of the European leaders in the sector with over 800,000 vending machines installed and a turnover of over 1.5 billion euros between the automatic market and OCS (Office Coffee Service).

A sector pushed towards the new

Among the innovations that will be presented at the 12th Salone Venditalia, many are the avant-garde ones based on the IoT approach. In fact, digital innovation brings with it an evolution of the entire sector, increasingly smart, with new opportunities for employees, more management savings and involvement of the end customer.
In fact, technology changes every phase of the vending chain. For example, it allows the configuration of the software to virtually build the machine that best suits the customer’s needs. It also makes agile maintenance possible to allow remote intervention at any time; creates an increasingly user-friendly interaction to make the user experience more and more personalized.
Telemetry devices for distributors that allow remote management of machines with integrated SIM cards and cloud platforms will be among the technologies that will be presented at the 12th Salone Venditalia. Touchless and cashless are also widely used to make the use of payment services easier and machine management more hygienic, through smartphone apps.
In other words, the old “coffee machines” are transformed into advanced and computerized systems. Machines capable of managing and automating all processes relating to the management of distributors (CRM, invoicing, warehouses, ARD rounds, commissions, document archiving, end customer app, e-commerce) with simplicity and low costs.

An increasingly green sector

In addition to the digital transition, at the 12th Salone Venditalia https://www.venditalia.com/ the ecological transition will also be staged, starting with materials.
So many companies offer stirrers and cups, compostable in a few tens of days because they are made of paper, wood and bamboo. Plastic does not disappear but becomes sustainable. In fact, with the RiVending project, the plastic of glasses, bottles and stirrers is collected, recycled and returned to the production of other products. There is no shortage of pods made of polymers that completely degrade in the environment, certified by leading bodies and realities in the “green” world.
Technology and sustainability are integrated. In fact, there are many technological solutions that aim at more sustainable pipelines, such as companies that promote microfiltered water and the correct recycling of materials such as plastic and aluminum. And this thanks to a system that shreds and compacts disposable materials, making their recovery and subsequent reuse easy.