Exposanità 2022 and Cosmofarma 2022

exposanità 2022
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In mid-May, the world of healthcare and pharmacy will meet in attendance at BolognaFiere with Exposanità 2022 and Cosmofarma 2022 to take stock of the new challenges, the strategies to be implemented, the objectives to be achieved. The two events will take place almost simultaneously: the first from 11 to 13 May, the second from 13 to 15.

Exposanità 2022: a look to the future

Finally in attendance, the international exhibition at the service of healthcare and assistance is a particularly heartfelt and significant event because it represents the 40th edition of the exhibition. An event that looks to the future. A sentiment also underlined by the communication campaign characterized by the claim “Looking to the Future – Synergy at the Center”.
Exposanità 2022 https://www.exposanita.it/it – which will take place in halls 16, 21, 22, 25, 31 and 32 – comes at a crucial moment starting with the strategies, innovations and interventions envisaged by the National Recovery Plan and Resilience.
The aging of the population with the inevitable consequence of chronic diseases, the necessary process of digitalization and technological innovation that must be implemented and completed, inequalities in access to the Essential Levels of Assistance (Lea). Here are some of the crucial issues that are waiting to be addressed and resolved, to which the event will dedicate over 15 conferences, 4 special initiatives, insights, workshops.
Solutions and skills are the hub through which to build the future. The contribution of the more than 450 companies present will be essential, which will give life to a discussion aimed at creating a more efficient healthcare.

Cosmofarma: the pharmacy in the post covid

How has the pharmacy changed in the last two years in the face of the health emergency? How is the market evolving and what are the trends? What new needs have emerged from users and how has the service pharmacy responded? How did the digital pharmacy develop, what are the opportunities it offers and how to best use them? Here are some of the themes at the center of Cosmofarma 2022 https://www.cosmofarma.com/it/, an event focused on Health Care, Beauty Care and all services related to the world of pharmacy, which will take place in halls 28, 29, 30 and 26.
This year’s edition is accompanied by the claim “Encounters Rugged”, signifying the renewed chance of confrontation, direct and in the presence, of pharmacists both with each other and with the productive world and customers / patients.
In the three days there will be new market data, important meetings, conferences, moments of in-depth study and training that will develop into over 60 appointments with experts, companies, teachers, research institutions, professionals, trade associations.
Focus 2022: the pharmacy in the post covid, a topic that will be addressed in all its facets. We will talk about trust and resilience, about change and the economy, about current scenarios and future prospects.