Macfrut Rimini 2022, news and reconfirmations

Macfrut Rimini 2022
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Macfrut Rimini 2022, the international fruit and vegetable fair, will be on air from 4 to 6 May at the Rimini Expo Center.
In this edition there will be 800 exhibitors, 500 accredited buyers and a strong presence of the main players in the sector.
Exhibitors represent the entire supply chain (production, technologies, packaging, logistics and services), while a foreign presence is close to 25%.
In our country, fruit and vegetables represent the second voice of agri-food exports behind only wine (7.1 billion). Italian fruit and vegetables represent 25.5% of national agricultural production for a value of over 15 billion euros, for about 300,000 companies. An importance also confirmed by the presence of national institutions. In fact, the 39th edition of Macfrut will be inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli, in the presence of the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Marina Sereni, and three agriculture ministers representing Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

The first Spice & Herbs Global Expo

What characterizes Macfrut Rimini 2022 is its articulation in well-defined areas divided by content, coordinated by a team of experts who put their knowledge at the service of the three days.
Like the International Cherry Symposium, a tribute to this edition’s symbolic fruit, the cherry. Hosted on the first day of Macfrut, the symposium will bring together the leading experts in the world of cherry growing (4 May), the top players in the sector compared (5 May). In addition to the two appointments, there are two field tours visiting the main cherry producers (Cesena and Vignola).
Spice & Herbs Global Expo, the first exhibition in Europe dedicated to the world of spices, medicinal and aromatic herbs, will debut this year. Over 50 exhibitors are expected, representing the entire supply chain, from the product in the field to the dried and processed one.
Macfrut Rimini 2022 is enriched by a rich program of events, meetings, show cooking, aromatic aperitifs.
All this on an extremely dynamic sector in the global market that is worth between 18/20 billion dollars for spices alone, with an estimated annual growth of about + 4/5%, against a production that is also constantly growing. which in recent years has reached over 13 million tons. The show is organized in collaboration with Cannamela, Fippo (Italian Federation of Officinal Plants Producers), technical partner of the magazine Erboristeria Domani.
Avocado is the exotic fruit at the center of the third edition of the Tropical Fruit Congress which on May 6 will bring together operators from all over the world.
At the center is a fruit that in our country is registering + 20% in consumption, becoming part of an overall trend in which the volume consumption of tropical fruit has increased by 45-50% in the four-year period 2017-2020.
The Biosolutions International Event, an international exhibition dedicated to natural products for the defense, nutrition and biostimulation of plants, renews its proposal. Agri2000 coordinates the area.