CFI Guidelines for the end of the state of emergency

Cfi Linee Guida
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On the occasion of the end of the state of emergency Covid19, Cfi Guidelines relating to the trade fair sector were disclosed.
In fact, as of March 31 of this year the rules and obligations that governed the management of access and permanence, also for what concerns trade fairs, ceased.
Therefore, the protocols adopted so far and the Regional Guidelines (Information, Sanitation, Temperature control, Entry registration and storage for 14 days, Air change, Spacing, Crowding, Booking of entrance times and days, Control of physically separate hall capacities, do not apply anymore, etc…).
CFI Guidelines recommends a progressive reduction / elimination of the aforementioned activities and the drafting of an internal Protocol for the management of Covid risk.

A little clarity

For the whole of April, some provisions remain in force based on the Legislative Decree of 24 March 2022:

Art. 5 PPE masks

Fairs and congresses are not among the places with the obligation of FFP2. In closed places (therefore also the closed rooms of trade fairs and congresses) until 30 April a surgical mask or others with similar protection is mandatory.

Art. 6 Basic Green Pass

Modification of art. 9bis of Legislative Decree 52. From 1st to 30th April access with a basic Green Pass is allowed to various activities. Such as table and counter catering, public participation in outdoor shows and outdoor sports events and competitions.
As underlined by Cfi Guidelines, the fairs are not mentioned. Therefore, starting from 1 April, the basic Green Pass is no longer required to access the exhibition spaces.

Art. 7 Enhanced Green Pass

It is mandatory for conventions and congresses, public participation in indoor shows, public participation in indoor sports events and competitions.
The fairs are not mentioned therefore from April 1st the reinforced GP is no longer needed.

Art. 8 Vaccination Obligations

For access to the workplace, until April 30, it is necessary to show the GPbase.

Conclusions valid for the events that take place in April: the surgical mask or others with similar protection is mandatory; access to employees, suppliers, fitters: the GPbase must be shown for the outfitting phases.

Access to trade fairs in progress according to CFI Guidelines:

Classic fair (furniture, technologies, mechanics, construction, etc …) with some conferences and catering areas access without Green Pass.
G Control Strengthened to access conferences.
GPbase control to access the catering.
Food Fair (food, wine, beer, etc …) with numerous catering situations, in fixed and temporary locations and in the stands.