Next Mobility Exhibition: challenges and future scenarios

Next Mobility Exhibition
[:it]Next Mobility Exhibition[:]

The first edition of Next Mobility Exhibition, biennial dedicated to the collective mobility of the future, will take place at Fiera Milano (Rho) from 12 to 14 October.
In anticipation of the event, discussions have begun with the major bus manufacturers who, with their proposals, will represent the soul of the event. Thanks also to the support of the primary associations – Agens (Confederal Transport and Services Agencies), Anav (National Association of Road Transport and Travelers) and Asstra (Transport Association) – the focuses and contents around which the exhibition proposal will be developed have been defined.
Born as the first stage of an innovative project dedicated to the mobility ecosystem, the Milanese event will present an all-encompassing offer of the entire collective road transport chain.

How is the sector doing

An ambitious goal that is located in Milan, which represents a benchmark for the sector, being the sixth city in the world in terms of green mobility and one of the first in Italy to have adopted an Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan.
In the background, a context that today recognizes Local Public Transport an increasingly strategic role in a Mobility System, which, also in terms of the NRP, is being remodeled in a smart, integrated and sustainable key.
In fact, the recovery plan itself has allocated 2.42 billion euros for the renewal of LPT means. To these are added another 600 million euros foreseen by the Complementary Fund until 2026. For this reason, the theme of sustainability will be central to the event, which will design the mobility of the future by looking at the reduction of emissions and the adaptation of vehicles to the highest standards. expected today.

The many themes of the first edition

Next Mobility Exhibition will be an exhibition moment and an opportunity for discussion on means, solutions and policies for a sustainable collective mobility system.
In fact, an articulated program of conferences is being worked on, the main lines of which will be identified and proposed by the technical-scientific committee itself.
The key issues will naturally be the energy transition, since there are now only three years to go until 2025, the year of the switch off for local public transport fleets.
The event will therefore be an opportunity to reflect on how TPL will change, but also to take stock of the state of the art of the market and the potential associated with greener food.
The event will also host the 2022 edition of the Mobility Award, which will award the best Italian transport company.
The Report on commercial bus transport produced by Traspol – Transport Policy Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano will also be presented, which will outline the scenario that has arisen after the pandemic and will pose the central questions for the recovery and development of the sector. .
Finally, there will be case histories and vertical insights on important issues such as security and ticketing.