Cibus 2022 edition: foreign buyers return

Cibus edizione 2022
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Cibus 2022 edition will be the first major international agri-food fair with the return of foreign buyers. The 21st edition, organized by Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare to be held in Parma from 3 to 6 May, in fact sees both the easing of the pandemic emergency and new rules in favor of trade fair participation by non-EU operators. The new rules will in fact allow the arrival of buyers and commercial operators from every continent, including overseas. About 60 thousand professional visitors and about 3 thousand exhibiting companies are expected. The war in Ukraine and the delicate international geopolitical situation are also affecting the food sector. Furthermore, the increases in gas and raw materials and logistical problems are in fact putting a strain on Italian food and beverage.
On the other hand, the demand for Italian agri-food in the world is always strong. In fact, according to the export statistics of the food industry in the USA it grew by 14.3%, China + 32.7%, South Korea + 30.7%, Chile + 50.5%, South Africa +21.2 %, Poland + 21.4%, Spain + 19.6%, Germany + 6.7%, France + 7.1%, (Federalimentare data processed on an Istat basis, January / November 2021).

Valuing good practices

Cibus 2022 edition will put food back at the center of the social and economic debate, showing the scenarios and its essential role within society.
The event reaffirms the role of food as an archetype of social relationships, framing how this attention can reconcile us with a development model that is consistent with the needs of consumers, communities, the environment and companies.
In fact, at the event, attention to sustainability will be understood in all its aspects: environmental, economic and social. Also protagonists are the Italian and international GI products for the promotion and enhancement of the territories of origin, the information set necessary to create value on the shelves and a start-up area with Italian and foreign companies as an incubator of innovative proposals.
There will be no lack of enhancement of the good practices of the agri-food industry to trigger a positive chain reaction along the entire supply chain.

ICE’s commitment to Cibus 2022 edition

Support for businesses and the event is ensured by ICE – Agenzia, which has allocated important resources for this 21st edition. In addition, the ICE offices plan to bring 380 specialized buyers and 10 journalists from 42 countries to Parma, facilitating the dissemination of the My Business Cibus platform.
Actions that want to contribute to the success of Fiere di Parma and exhibitors in mitigating the impact of the moment for exporting companies.