Bergamo Arte Fiera is confirmed as one of the top events

Bergamo Arte Fiera
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At the end of BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera, from 25 to 27 March, among the exhibition spaces set up by 86 national galleries from 11 regions, the public expressed all the desire to return to participate in presence.
In a still complicated context for a sector that has suffered a lot from restrictions, six thousand visitors arrived at the Bergamo exhibition center, including historical collectors and last-minute enthusiasts. In addition to this presence, which came from all over Northern Italy, there was no shortage of foreign presences.
In the role of an exhibition market, Bergamo Arte Fiera, organized by Promoberg, has favored the meeting between supply and demand, registering an interesting and promising return to purchases of even important works, both at an artistic level and in prices.

The public of visitors confirmed their appreciation of the formula, which has distinguished the event since its debut, which took place 17 years ago. A format that combines thousands of works, ranging from the great masters of the 20th century to the current production, with many emerging artists.
To this offer an interesting agenda of collateral events. This year in particular, success for the three exhibitions dedicated to Marcello Morandini, Gianfranco Meggiato and Maurizio Buscarino, and for the talks with some protagonists of art.
“We recorded with satisfaction the excellent participation of visitors during the three days – declared Fabio Sannino, president of Promoberg and Bergamo Arte Fiera–. This result is anything but obvious given the date shift and the uncertainties and worries we experience every day. But obviously art and beauty are still a healthy and natural antidote to everyday problems and anxieties. An antidote that also helps the economy of art; this is now more important than ever, given that the art sector has been one of those that has suffered most from the restrictions made necessary to counter the recent pandemic ”.

“Having managed, after two years of substantial shutdown in the sector, to bring eighty-six high-quality galleries to Bergamo from all over Italy was a truly significant result and one that had already satisfied us a lot” is the comment of Gianni Zucca, head of the BAF exhibition area, which he concluded by underlining how the beauty of Bergamo Arte Fiera “lies in its ability to offer visitors a varied artistic proposal capable of thrilling the many visions of a very dynamic and heterogeneous public”.