Direttissima 2022: focus on the online platform

Direttissima 2022
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The journey of Direttissima 2022 continues https://www.fierabolzano.it/it/direttissima/home, the new platform for direct sales of Fiera Bolzano www.fieramesse.com, towards agriculture that looks to the future. After an autumn cycle of 5 free webinars, still available on demand, the opportunities for the protagonists of this sector continue to grow their business and train.
The protagonist of the next Direttissima 2022 www.fieramesse.com/direttissima/webinars on March 17, at 5 pm, will be Marcello Bianchi, former graphic designer, who, after a training experience in Australia, founded Maso Zepp, an agricultural farm in Grumes in Alta Val di Cembra (TN), which represents an innovative example of an alpine micro-farm. One hectare in total, of which 3,000 square meters planted with vegetables, medicinal herbs and small fruits.
In the webinar Bianchi will explain how the choice of the customer influences the sale, the post-harvest and the entire production chain and will provide concrete strategies to manage direct home sales.

The March and April calendar of Direttissima 2022

The appointments will then continue during March and April. March 23 will be the turn of the current challenges in meat production in South Tyrol, analyzed by Thomas Zanon of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Together with the teacher some protagonists of the sector who will bring their experiences on poultry, pig, cattle and small ruminant farms.
On April 26, again at 5 pm, we will talk about fermented foods, a sustainable way to enhance and recycle the agro-food by-products, told by Raffaella Di Cagno, full professor of Agricultural Microbiologist at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the Free University of Bolzano and contact person of the Micro4Food laboratory at the NOI Techpark.

Appointment at the Direttissima 2022 Night

In addition, with the “Road to Direttissima” it also continues with a podcast divided into 5 episodes of about 30 minutes. At the center are the stories of a protagonist of the new agriculture, which can be listened to both on the Direttissima website and on Spotify.
On 10 June, Direttissima will make its debut as a meeting point at Fiera Bolzano with the Direttissima Night, an event full of information and fun, aimed at the community of innovative farmers, ready to network. The event will take place within the FieraMesse H1 Eventspace, starting at 18.30.