Salone del Mobile.Milano unveils the second manifesto

Salone del Mobile.Milano
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After the manifesto of the Salone del Mobile.Milano dedicated to the 60s, the decade that saw the event born and its success grow, the organization of the fair event and Emiliano Ponzi unveil the second illustration, this time dedicated to the 70s .
A decade in which some of the cultural, economic and social changes have been consolidated, which have also radically transformed domestic spaces and the relationship between them and furnishings.
Naturally following this evolution, the first two biennials of the Salone del Mobile.Milano were born: Euro Cucina in ’74 and Euroluce in ’76, signs of a change in perception of the more functional spaces of domesticity. The technology was integrated into the furniture, it became a piece of furniture in itself and part of the daily life of many Italian families.

The 1970s are at the center

In this second manifesto, Ponzi wanted to represent the 1970s. That is what made the decade unique with Milan, a city in motion, represented by the tram and cars, the protagonists of the illustration.
And then the culture, fashion and hippie music, depicted by the two guys with guitar running to get on public transport.
The number 60, in a red “Salone” is also back, to commemorate the celebrations that the Salone del Mobile.Milano this year dedicates to the 60th birthday, used here as an identification number of the tram.
This second manifesto is also characterized by the use of augmented reality. By framing the QR code present in the drawing with the smartphone, the illustration comes alive, leaving a static and two-dimensional dimension to move into reality. The cars and the tram move towards the viewer while the “flower child” couple jump onto the tram, generating a vivid red floral vortex with a surprise effect.
This digital component of the image was created, once again, by Alkanoids, a Milanese creative studio specializing in motion graphics, 2D / 3D animation and direction.