Creattiva Bergamo 2022: ok for exhibitors and the public

Creattiva Bergamo 2022
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40 thousand participants in Creattiva Bergamo 2022 National Fair of Manual Arts, from 3 to 6 March at the Bergamo Fair, arrived from all over Italy (including the islands) to participate in the 25th edition of the fair, organized by Promoberg.
The influx of audiences was constant this year too, mostly women. There was no shortage of men, who participated in the many hundreds of events (courses, workshops, demonstrations) set up by both Promoberg and exhibitors.
In particular, already during the booking phase, the free courses that took place in the two new areas dedicated to Drawing and Sewing were sold out.
In the first case, Creattiva Academy was curated by Raffaella Barbieri (designer, painter, and decorator) and Tommaso Bottalico (expert in different techniques and facilitated painting).
In the Master Stitch area, instead, Liliana Soli (passionate about Patchwork and Quilting and Creative Sewing) and Le Angels of the Casa del Quilt took the chair, a reality made up of women who love sewing and knitwear, with a great sensitivity to solidarity.

Inauguration of the mural “The Labyrinth of the Rose”

One hundred and seventy-seven companies spread over the 15 thousand square meters indoors of Creattiva Bergamo 2022, coming from 15 Italian regions and 12 countries, in particular from Spain and France.
Thanks to the results of exhibitors and the public, with an increase in attendance, from the next edition to be held in October Creattiva is promoted to an “international” fair. A recognition that will project the companies and the Bergamo area even more across the border.
During Creattiva Bergamo 2022, the inauguration, Saturday 5 March, of “Il Labirinto della Rosa” was also held, a mural promoted by JTI Italia and Save The Planet with Promoberg and in collaboration with the Help Woman association to promote the themes of struggle against violence against women and environmental sustainability.
Created by the writer Elisa Veronelli, the work, which also helps the environment thanks to an anti-smog paint, contains a QR Code that allows you to get in touch with the anti-violence association active in the Bergamo area to support the victims of abuse physical and psychic.