Mipel 2022: over 100 brands present

Mipel 2022
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The Milanese event Mipel 2022 doubles the spaces, occupying over 4000 square meters – within Pavilions 1 and 3 – in an exhibition itinerary capable of offering a unique and detailed view of the FW2022 / 23 trends.
The creative format chosen for the event offers a strong reference to the world of art and avant-garde movements, with their renewing spirit. Just like a cultural and artistic movement, the event will therefore have a programmatic manifesto that summarizes the fundamental values ​​for its sector: a strong and recognizable brand identity, creativity in terms of style, sustainability for responsible and socially attentive production, a craftsmanship that does not exclude entrepreneurship but that goes hand in hand with autonomy of management and expression and finally digitization to embrace new means of communication and distribution.
There are over 100 selected brands, historical brands and emerging national and international companies that will exhibit at the Milanese event.

The partnership with the Mirta Wholesale portal

Another novelty of this edition is the collaboration with Mirta Wholesale, a B2B portal created to connect small luxury artisan realities with international boutiques. The portal will become the reference digital platform of the event, live from 1 to 25 March.
In the spaces of Hall 3, Mipel 2022 https://mipel.com/ will dedicate an exhibition area of ​​about 250 square meters to Mirta Wholesale, where a selection of artisans present on the platform will be offered. The platform will also be actively involved in the creation of entertainment moments (talks, interviews, masterclasses), dedicated to exhibitors and visitors, which will touch on topics of interest for the leather goods sector and beyond.
From female entrepreneurship to the future of Made in Italy and the wholesale sector, and again social media and digital strategies for small businesses and generational change: a series of events that will animate the three days of the event and which will be available in streaming on the Mirta Wholesale platform .