Macfrut 2022 edition: Spices & Herbs Global Expo

Macfrut edizione 2022
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From 4 to 6 May Macfrut 2022 edition will be at the Rimini Expo Center to propose a unique event in the European exhibition landscape, which for the first time focuses attention on product categories of interest to the global market. Defined as a “fair within the fair” thanks to an exhibition area that hosts operators from all over the world, business meetings with international buyers, technical workshops with industry experts, show cooking with product categories increasingly appreciated by consumers.
Among the main innovations of Macfrut 2022 edition we should mention Spices & Herbs Global Expo, a show dedicated to spices, medicinal and aromatic herbs.
A new pavilion that will become a global meeting point between producers, technicians, researchers, traders and processors, in a supply chain approach.
From a commercial sector, linked to imports, today this sector has become a supply chain that goes from cultivation, to transformation, to the creation of added value in the production of food supplements, natural cosmetics and pharmaceutical derivatives. A supply chain with new opportunities thanks to the renewal of the regulatory framework introduced by Legislative Decree 75/18 which recognizes and supports the cultivation of medicinal plants as an agricultural activity.
The challenge of the sector will therefore be to exit the “niche market” dimension and present itself to the consumer market.

The two “souls” of Macfrut 2022 edition

There are two areas in which the event is organized. That of “Spices”, represented at Macfrut 2022 edition by the partnership with Cannamela. Synonymous with spices and aromatic herbs since 1956, Cannamela has a specific vocation to control the supply chain starting from the purchase of raw materials, selecting the best crops from all over the world, through partnerships with small and medium-sized producers for a shared project of sustainable development . And it is precisely on sustainability that the special initiatives that Cannamela will bring to the show with the special lines Bionatura, Regionali Bio, Fair Trade Bio will focus.

The second is dedicated to “officinal and aromatic herbs”, created with the Italian Federation of Officinal Plants Producers and the magazine Erboristeria Domani. A sector that includes a vast heterogeneous category of plant species, rich in biologically active ingredients, ranging from medicinal plants to superfoods, from aromatic plants to perfume, a growing segment with great prospects also for our country.