57th Filo closes positively

57th Filo
[:it]57th Filo[:]

The premises for a highly creative edition were evident right from the entrance to the 57th Filo, with the installation curated by Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto. Here is the 2022 edition of the international yarn and fiber exhibition which took place from 23 to 24 February in MiCo – Milan.
Young people, training, sustainability were at the center of the appointment with the textile-clothing supply chain, representative of the manufacturing industry, a central sector in the economy and life of Italy.

The 57th Filo closes with an excellent balance, a success due in particular to the exhibitors, who continued to believe in the Milanese show even in times when uncertainty prevailed. Without forgetting the many buyers who crowded the stands.
Paolo Monfermoso, manager of the event: “It is a result that we also owe to the collaboration with Ice-Agency in organizing the arrival of buyers from France, England, Belgium, Holland, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Romania, Mexico, Angola, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia. The round table “We believe in young people” aroused much interest with which we officially opened this edition “. Monfermoso concluded: “We lived two intense days, full of stylistic ideas and discussion. Our Trends Areas – from the general one to “Un Filo per la Maglia” to the Sustainability Area with FiloFlow – were focal points for the buyers’ visit, while the “Confrontation Dialogues” dealt with crucial issues for our industry, such as centrality of fibers, reuse of materials, sustainability “.

Tomaso Trussardi’s speech at the 57th Filo

The first of the “Confrontation Dialogues” saw the protagonist as Tomaso Trussardi, who, together with the journalist Elisabetta Invernici, retraced his long, despite his young age, career as an entrepreneur. Trussardi focused in particular on sustainability, a topic that is close to his heart. “In the natural evolution of things, companies in the sector are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment. However, it is clear that this commitment must deal with the economic factor: products with elements of sustainability and circularity have a cost, which must be reflected in the final price. Unfortunately, today very often the final consumer is not ready to pay a premium price and companies have to take into account the real market. And we must consider that today the problem is not to pollute less, but the problem is waste: we should find a way to make circular not only the production processes, but also the finished products. And at the same time increase the awareness of the final consumer on the issue “.

After the closing of the 57th Filo https://filo.it, the exchange and dialogue between exhibitors and buyers will continue in the virtual space of “e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns”, an easy-to-use platform with simple search keys and immediate.
For the next fair in attendance, instead, an appointment from 14 to 15 September 2022 always at Mi.Co-Milan.