Filo edition 2022, the news of the 57th edition

Filo edizione 2022
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“We believe in young people” is the title that Filo 2022 edition wanted to give to the opening ceremony of the 2022 edition. The event will be held from 23 to 24 February 2022 in MiCo – Milan, while the opening conference will take place on 23 February , from 10.30 in the Trends Area.

Trend areas

The 57th edition offers a decidedly functional layout of the exhibition spaces, with “specialized” trend areas, which flank the general Trends area and enrich the exhibition offer.
The general Trends area is the “business card” with which this edition of Filo 2022 edition also presents itself to visitors. In fact, it is the center of gravity towards which the entire exhibition space with the exhibitors’ stands ideally converges. The area dedicated to sustainability with the FiloFlow project acquires space and visibility, in parallel with the increasing awareness of operators for the topic.
On the strength of the success achieved in the September edition, it returns with larger spaces and a renewed design “Un Filo per la Maglia”, a trend area dedicated to knitwear, which was born from an idea by Gianni Bologna, responsible for creativity and style of the event.
Space during the event also for the training part and meetings. Among these, the “Confrontation Dialogues” to be held in the Networking Area should be noted.

Tomaso Trussardi entrepreneur in the “Dialogues of Confrontation”

Wednesday 23 February, at 12, Tomaso Trussardi will be the protagonist of the first of the appointments with the “Confrontation Dialogues” within Filo edition 2022 In an interview with the journalist Elisabetta Invernici, Trussardi will talk to the public about his experience as an entrepreneur.
A story that will start from his role in the family business, the Trussardi one that has contributed to making Made in Italy famous all over the world, proposing a real life style even before fashion collections.
Tomaso Trussardi assumed the position of CEO in 2013, defined the new group architecture, moving from a multi-label logic to the concept of one brand-one label, promoted the company’s internationalization process towards Asia and repositioned the brand in the Advance Contemporary arena.
Another important step in the entrepreneurial path is 2007, when the Food division of the company is born and the Trussardi alla Scala restaurant and the Trussardi coffee shop are opened.
Today Tomaso Trussardi’s interest is focused on the “Fast Cars Slow Food TT”, with which he organizes events involving car enthusiasts and food lovers.