Filo edition 2022: “We believe in young people”

Filo edizione 2022
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“We believe in young people” is the title that Filo 2022 edition wanted to give to the opening ceremony of the 2022 edition. The event will be held from 23 to 24 February 2022 in MiCo – Milan, while the opening conference will take place on 23 February , from 10.30 in the Trends Area.
The simplicity of the wish immediately refers to a plurality of crucial themes for Italian manufacturing, and of textile manufacturing in particular: training, generational change in companies, the intrinsic value of craftsmanship to be combined with the most innovative research and attention to sustainability. The opening conference will be opened by Paolo Monfermoso (manager of the event) and Pier Francesco Corcione (President of ITS-TAM Biella). He will introduce and coordinate Francesco Ferraris (President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Italian Fashion System). The debate will be attended by Marco Cardinalini (Cardinalini & C.), Alessia Crivelli (Crivelli Gioielli; Vice President of Confindustria Federorafi), Chiara Marconi and Federica Tirani (Chité Milano), Silvia Moglia (director of ITS-TAM Biella), Roberto Circelli (former ITS student -TAM; PM Suedwolle Group)

Paolo Monfermoso underlined: “With” We believe in young people “Filo edition 2022 gives the floor to young entrepreneurs and managers who have decided to work in the textile-clothing-fashion and accessories system, so that they can explain the great potential of our manufacturing industry. And in particular they explain the gratification that comes from a job that finds new stimuli every season, where training, craftsmanship, well-made, creativity and passion still play a crucial role “.

Sustainability and innovation

The 57th edition offers a decidedly functional layout of the exhibition spaces, with “specialized” trend areas, which flank the general Trends area and enrich the exhibition offer.
The general Trends area is the “business card” with which this edition of Filo 2022 edition also presents itself to visitors. In fact, it is the center of gravity towards which the entire exhibition space with the exhibitors’ stands ideally converges. The area dedicated to sustainability with the FiloFlow project acquires space and visibility, in parallel with the increasing awareness of operators for the topic.
On the strength of the success achieved in the September edition, it returns with larger spaces and a renewed design “Un Filo per la Maglia”, a trend area dedicated to knitwear, which was born from an idea by Gianni Bologna, Filo’s head of creativity and style.
Within the fair, the presence of organizations for the promotion of the noblest natural fibers and the presence of some leading groups in the production of man-made fibers should also be noted. At the Milan event they exhibit highly performing materials, but perfectly suited to the creation of an environmentally friendly finished product.
With the opening to dyeing plants and fiber producers, Filo 2022 edition continues to offer a vision of the supply chain to visitors and exhibitors, capable of offering new developments and potential in the search for ever more innovative yarns.