Greenprof 2022, a new green fair is born

Greenprof 2022
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Greenprof 2022 is born The new international exhibition of horticulture, technologies and services for environmental protection, will be held at the BolognaFiere pavilions from 7 to 9 September.
The appointment is aimed at the horticultural sector to question the development prospects of the sector, create networks, innovate, do business matching with Italian and foreign operators.

At Greenprof 2022 it will be possible to discover all the solutions capable of responding to the challenges of the market, also due to the global transformation mainly induced by climate change.
The three days B2B aimed at becoming a meeting point with an innovative approach for Italian and foreign producers, for professionals in the sector, institutions, large retailers and landscape architects.

Four macro sectors

Greenprof 2022 will be hosted in the exhibition center which covers a total area of ​​375,000 square meters, between indoor and outdoor areas, the total area of ​​services is 36,000 square meters. And where flexibility and mobility are guaranteed by a network of moving routes and a parking system with 14,500 covered parking spaces that can be booked in advance.
The event will be divided into 4 macro-sectors: GP Plant (flowers, plants, shrubs, etc.); GP Tech (technology, systems, equipment, mechanization); GP Care (landscape design, environmental redevelopment) and GP BIZ (complementary items and accessories for distribution).

The organizer of Greenprof 2022 is Events Factory Italy, owned by the BolognaFiere group, already known for other events, more aimed at the public. A Scientific Technical Committee was set up for the event, involving national and foreign professionals from institutions, universities, research institutes, producer associations, environmental experts and landscape architects who will give international relevance to the new Bolognese event.
BolognaFiere is also the headquarters of Eima which, with Eimagreen – scheduled for November 9 to 13 – covers a large part of the market relating to machinery and equipment for landscaping. According to the organizers, Greenprof 2022 would therefore represent the completion of the supply chain with particular attention to the contents aimed at redevelopment and environmental protection.